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Newsfront - August 28, 2009

Released murder suspect back in custody

Teen arrested in Fuchs homicide arrested for probation violation

by Geoff Gillette

An Alameda County teenager arrested in connection with the January slaying of 17-year-old Rylan Fuchs is back in custody after being released from juvenile detention under a home monitoring program.

The 15-year-old suspect was arrested three days after the killing of the San Ramon Valley High School student and was held at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center on an unrelated charge.

The suspect was placed under GPS monitoring as a condition of his probation on the other charge, according to officials. Alameda County Assistant Chief of Probation Bill Fenton said that GPS monitoring is the most severe level of home detention available to a judge during the sentencing process.

"Under GPS monitoring, we know where you are 24 hours a day, where you went, how long you spent there," he explained.

Juveniles placed under this level of probation are given an allotted area where they must stay. Leaving the area sets off an alarm, and juvenile officers respond to the home of the offender. If the juvenile has left the premises, he is arrested and returned to the detention center and must go back before a judge.

Capt. Dan Terry, head of the Investigations Division for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department, said that the suspect had been released into the custody of his grandmother in Oakland during the last few weeks. Terry said the teenager was placed under the monitoring program at that time.

The suspect, believed to be involved in the shooting death of Fuchs, violated the terms of his probation and was taken back into custody. Because the suspect is a juvenile, details of the probation violation were not released.

In addition to any charges leveled against the juvenile as a result of the probation violation, Terry said the teen has other cases pending against him, including one charge of armed robbery.

Terry said that while charges have yet to be filed against this suspect, the Fuchs case is continuing to move forward and investigators have followed several leads that could result in further arrests.

"We've pretty clearly identified people we know who are involved in this thing," he explained. "However, the District Attorney is looking to just tighten things up."

Deputy District Attorney Dan Cabral, who is handling the investigation for the D.A.'s office, said in June that his office was getting closer to making arrests in the case. As of late last week, Cabral said investigators are still working with the evidence and making sure the case is solid before moving forward with any arrests.