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Perspective - August 28, 2009


Asked on the Iron Horse Trail

How prepared are you for a disaster?

Gregory Roth

civil engineer- department of transportation

I am relatively prepared in terms of the emergency response system. Personally, I have an earthquake preparedness kit and know what utilities to turn off. I live alone, but I think most people around here are complacent and don't think about it. Many have experienced an earthquake and feel they could survive it again.

Danielle Kehrig

St. Isidore sixth-grade teacher (on leave)

We had an earthquake preparedness class at school taught by a CERT trainer. I took some of those ideas home, like having an emergency meeting place, filling up backpacks with supplies for our cars, buying a big storage can to store supplies in the back yard, and putting important documents on a flash drive to mail to someone outside the area.

Dale Haukland

retired VP Kentucky Fried Chicken

We have a plastic box stored in the garage with essentials, such as water, canned foods, etc. I also have a backpack that I bought filled with medical supplies in the garage. We always have a cell phone with us with important numbers programmed in it. This reminds me that we need to revisit those supplies for updating.

Tim Moore


We're not really too prepared. We have some earthquake supplies and one of those disaster kits, but it hasn't been checked for awhile. I was working in a high rise in San Francisco during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and got a lucky ride out of there to make it home by 3 a.m. My last comment is the Boy Scouts' motto, "Be prepared!"

Megan Andreosky

fiber optics analyst

A disaster to a mother of a 3-year-old boy could mean many things, including a financial disaster. If you're talking about a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, then I don't think I could ever be prepared enough for that, including keeping the right supplies on hand. This must be an omen, because I just received my earthquake insurance bill.