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Sports - August 28, 2009

Xtreme champions

The Mustang Xtreme went undefeated in winning the Championship Title at the Pacifica United Coast Cup in Pacifica this past weekend. During the championship game, Mustang Xtreme beat the Pacifica Pioneers, 2-1. Team members are Coach Pete McCabe, Micheala Paradiso, Rebecca Silverman, Makenna Smith, Melyssa Moore, Sara Walker, Samantha Wanket, Carina Pineda, Erin Nash, Coach Don Fornasier, Ellie Hensley, Elise Ericson, Katie Patterson, Kaitlin Ross, Megan McCabe, Joelle Fornasier, Kathryn LaBarbera and Julia Espino. The Mustang Xtreme was also undefeated at the 33rd annual Shamrock Invitational Tournament in Dublin the previous weekend.


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