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Newsfront - September 4, 2009

MAC applications still being accepted

Alamo residents encouraged to be part of council

by Geoff Gillette

Alamo residents still have two weeks if they wish to apply to be a part of the new Municipal Advisory Council. The MAC, approved at the Aug. 11 meeting of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, will work with the community and the Board of Supervisors to oversee Alamo.

Since the approval three weeks ago, District 3 Supervisor Mary N. Piepho's office has been taking in applications from residents wanting to be a part of the MAC. Piepho's Chief of Staff Tomi Van de Brooke said that during that time they have received more than 15 applications for the seven-member council.

"There's plenty to pick from, but there are other people who have requested applications and haven't returned them yet," said Van de Brooke. "There are some people there we are familiar with and there are some we don't know. It's a good mix."

Van de Brooke said they are looking for individuals with a wide range of talents and skill sets.

"We're looking for people with past community involvement," she explained. "We're trying to get a broad and balanced group of people. Folks that are committed to a constructive relationship."

The council will meet once monthly to discuss issues affecting Alamo and work with Piepho's office to get those concerns addressed by the Board of Supervisors.

Van de Brooke said that they will take applications until Sept. 15. After that time, she and other staff members will go over the list of those seeking the position and will present suggestions for Piepho to examine. Once she has a tentative roster of who she would like to see on the council, Piepho will present it to the Board of Supervisors for its approval.

For the most part they will not be holding interviews, Van de Brooke said, unless there is a person with a strong background whom she and Piepho don't know. In that case an interview will be held.

"She wants to be sure she knows all of the people who are applying for the MAC," said Van de Brooke.

According to Van de Brook, if the members are approved at the Board's Sept. 22 meeting, the MAC could hold its first meeting by the first or second week of October.

Interested residents can get applications at Piepho's office, or by going online to