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Perspective - September 4, 2009

Our community high school

San Ramon Valley High School has a new friend. The Wolf Foundation was begun by a group of parents to bring the aging parts of the facility up to par with the new buildings recently improved and added. It's a community effort, say foundation members, because San Ramon is really a community high school. Its proximity to downtown Danville and its 99-year history have woven it into the community.

As funds shrink due to state budget problems only core educational programs are being funded by the School District. The folks at San Ramon Valley High School are only too aware of this as they watch their storage bins rust, their fields deteriorate, and their bleachers reach a state of disrepair. Principal Joe Ianora has seen the accumulated effects of wear and tear during his decade at the helm, and Wolf Foundation members say it was his inspiration to start the organization to spearhead fundraising for improvements.

The Wolf Foundation plans to focus on beautification, technology upgrades, academic enrichment funds and athletic facilities. It is planning a Fall Fest from 4-9 p.m. Sept. 19 to raise funds, but more importantly to introduce itself to the community at large and get everyone excited about the group's mission. The festival is aimed at being an exciting family event as well as a place to see what the Wolf Foundation is all about.

We all get excited as we witness sports fans, theater enthusiasts and graduation crowds head into San Ramon Valley High, plus downtown is a natural destination for everyone after events at the high school. Now everyone is invited to take part in the Fall Fest for a fun afternoon. Next year the Wolf Foundation is planning to celebrate the school's 100th birthday, which is also important to the community.

Much has been done to improve the facilities at San Ramon Valley High School through use of Measure A funds and with state help for seismic retrofitting. Through the efforts of the Wolf Foundation, other parts of the facility can be brought up to standard for a well maintained community high school.


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