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Perspective - September 4, 2009


Asked at Osage Park

How do you handle people who are always late? Keegan Lancaster

Charlotte Wood Middle School seventh-grader

If it's a matter of getting up in the morning, have their parents wake them up earlier, make them dress faster, set the alarm earlier, or go to bed earlier. But it's not always the kids who are late. One time I yelled at my parents when they picked me up after football practice an hour late.

Phil Orlando


I was just talking about that with my two boys, Robert and Timothy, when I picked them up from school today, the first day of school. One of them was late to meet the other after school, so they both went to the office and located each other. I'm usually on time, but my son and wife have a tendency to be late.

Carrie Douros


Not very well. I'm usually thinking there's no excuse for being late, but then we've all been late. When you have kids everything takes longer than you anticipate.

Melissa Candy


I build in extra time for someone who might be late, because, as a mom with young children, I understand what it's like to get everyone out of the house at one time in one piece. I would have been late meeting my friends here in the park today but decided not to go back home to retrieve my purse, which I forgot.

Ron Glaser


I'm more tolerant than others might be for tardiness. Better to try to find out why they're late, then you know whether to be upset with them or not. It's more important to be on time for an event with a well defined start time, such as a show. A party host, on the other hand, may not want everyone to arrive on time.