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Perspective - September 11, 2009


Asked at the Town of Danville offices

Do teenagers think it's dangerous to text or talk on the phone while driving?

Mark Williams

Danville police lieutenant

From a law enforcement perspective, texting while driving is dangerous. It distracts drivers when they look at the mobile device and take their eyes off the road. As you well know, things can happen in a split second while driving. Depending on how fast a driver is going, things could happen ever quicker. Teenagers are new to the driving experience, and that underscores the danger.

Rob Pritzkow

building contractor

Teenagers generally don't think. I don't think they stop to contemplate how dangerous it is to talk or text on the phone while driving. They need more life experience to understand the magnitude of their actions. Fortunately, I've had no run-ins with teenagers using a phone while driving.

Esmeralda Gomez

banking customer service

No, because teenagers have the tendency of thinking they're invincible. They tend to want to multi-task while driving. From what I've seen, it's Blackberrys and the flip over phones that can be used as computers. They're usually laughing with friends in the car and balancing the steering wheel with their knees while demonstrating to their friends.

Karen Olson

registered dental assistant

I don't think they think it's dangerous. It becomes a part of their daily routine, and they think they could do it in their sleep. My daughter in Santa Barbara does it a lot. (I hope the cops don't start looking for her now.) I see kids around Danville texting and driving all the time. I think it's dangerous, even if they don't.

Tai Williams

Danville transportation director

I believe most teenagers intellectually understand the consequences of driving distractions, including texting but have difficulty relating to these realities. That is why the Town promotes a web-based forum at that encourages teens to share personal on-the-road experiences and to teach each other how a little smart driving can keep them crash-free.