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Perspective - September 11, 2009

Well done, Mr. Enoch

For those of us entrusting our students to the public school system, it's good to know that a rational person is in charge.

Superintendent Steve Enoch wrote a letter to parents about President Obama's speech to students that was broadcast Tuesday to welcome them back to the new school year and to emphasize the importance of education. Enoch told parents that he finds it positive when a President, any President, talks directly to students about the importance of education.

He said that when he heard about the speech he never imagined it would become a subject of debate. The district left it up to individual teachers whether or not to watch the speech with their classes and work it into their lessons. Enoch encouraged watching the speech, saying students need to be motivated to excel in the challenging world that awaits them. But, in keeping with the way the district deals with unplanned events, he did not dictate that teachers had to work it into their plans.

Enoch said the idea of banning the speech was inconceivable to him, but he also noted that he respects a parent's right to remove a child for part of the day if they are concerned about the speech. He also encouraged such parents to first read the text of the speech before making this decision.

The superintendent's respectful behavior sets a good example for all of us, mostly importantly our children.