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Perspective - September 18, 2009


Asked at the Danville Bowl

What's your favorite sport?

Zach Scherman

sixth-grader, Stone Valley Middle School

Bowling. I used to bowl every day, but then my arm started hurting, so I only bowl about two to three times a week. It was like I lived here, because I love to bowl. I've only been to one other bowling alley, and that's when we were on vacation. Sometimes I watch bowling on TV on Sunday.

Chase Roberson

sophomore, San Ramon Valley High School

Football. I like to play it, and I like to go to football games with my family. I like the NFL games more than high school or college football games. My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because I used to live in Florida. I'm excited the season is finally here.

Paul Hicks

freshman, Diablo Valley College

Soccer. There's something going on all the time. It's a little more action packed than, say, football or baseball. I've played in the Mustang League, and the level of finesse is a little higher than other sports. I've also played football and baseball where there's a lot of sitting. I used to go to the Earthquake games until they moved to Texas.

Sue Mulkey

new Danville Bowl junior director

Soccer and bowling. I played soccer for 10 years in Dublin and absolutely loved it. I was on a traveling team and won the state championship. My husband is a PBA bowler, and I love bowling, too. I really don't have an interest in other sports, except I am a Cubs and (Chicago) Bears fan.

Marion Kohte

local business owner

I'm really not much of a sports fan, but soccer is a sport I would watch. My husband is Dutch and follows world soccer all the time. He's the one that got me to watch it for the first time. It's really fast paced and doesn't put you to sleep. My son, Brandon, bowls, and I love watching him.