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Perspective - September 25, 2009

From the publisher: An ending, a beginning

by Gina Channell-Allen

To say the decision to stop publishing the Danville Weekly was difficult is an understatement. We fought long and hard to keep the print edition, knowing that there are many people who look forward to the weekly newspaper and enjoy perusing it from cover to cover over coffee, or sticking it into a soccer bag to read on the sidelines.

But then we looked at the statistics from our Web sites,, and the new, and realized that many people go online to get their news. The number of unique visitors and pageviews increased more than 300 percent in the past year.

The value of the newspaper and Web sites is the dissemination of news and information. We have already discovered the benefit of being able to put breaking news onto our Web site and send out a bulletin to alert our readers. The Danville Weekly has gradually become a daily via our online edition.

Quality journalism is a necessity for a community and a vital part of the democracy established by our forefathers. That said, how the news and information is delivered is less of a concern, as long as the quality of the journalism is maintained. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on printing and mailing a newspaper, especially in these recessionary times, we made the decision to focus our resources on the journalism as opposed to the vehicle by which it is delivered.

On Oct. 2 we will say goodbye to the Danville Weekly and welcome In addition to the reporting and news you found in the Danville Weekly, will feature interactive options, including the popular Town Square forum. This allows readers to interact with each other in addition to interacting with us.

While we are sad to see Danville Weekly go out of print, to quote a popular song, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." We look forward to continuing to provide the quality journalism you have come to expect from us, while being able to interact more with you, and giving you a forum to share your views.

Meanwhile we want to know what features you would like us to continue online. E-mail me at See you online!


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