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Perspective - September 25, 2009

Letters to the Editor

The saddest thing

Dear Editor:

The news of your paper no longer going to be in print, is one of the saddest things I have heard all year. In a town that prides itself for having that small town feel, in a world where newspapers are disappearing every second, I never imagined that Danville Weekly would not buck the trend. There has not been a Friday in many years where I did not arrive home, make myself comfortable, and read the Danville Weekly.

I love our town and losing the newspaper that helped connect me to all that is Danville is like losing a friend. When a news source that makes us feel better about ourselves goes away and we are all left to gather news from sources that focus on all that is negative in the world, it is a very sad day not just for those of us in this great community, but to those in lesser communities who looked to us a symbol of hope and optimism of what a community can and should be.

Steve Wilcox


Sign of the times

Dear Editor,

Call me old-fashioned, but at age 50 I still love the feel and texture of a newspaper. So, it was with mixed feelings that I learned the Danville Weekly would soon go to an online edition only.

There are many reasons this is happening, not the least of which is economic. The same economies of scale that are threatening to put the San Francisco Chronicle out of business, are having an impact on local weeklies as well. The same impact that Craiglist is having on classified ads, is affecting advertising revenue at newspapers, big and small alike.

To its credit, the Danville Weekly launched a vibrant online presence as did its sister paper. The online version is so much more timely and the news does not have to wait until Friday.

Times change and we must change with them. In the last two years I have learned to blog, Twitter, Facebook, upload, desktop video edit, and a whole host of "new media" techniques. It helped me publish and promote my first book and quite honestly saved my career. Technology has created a "survival of the fittest" in the world of journalism and elsewhere, so it's "adapt or die."

I will be sad when the "Danville Weekly" prints its last paper edition on Friday October 2, but I will check in every few hours-- as I already do now-- to get the latest local news from www.DanvilleWeekly.com. May the online paper thrive!

Mark Curtis


Excerpts from the Town Square on Danvilleweekly.com

Never read the print edition but I check the website almost daily. It's my main source of local news and I like the whole publication. I'm glad it will continue online. Yes, I am one of the reasons that print newspapers are going out of business.

Posted by Joe, Sept. 17

Drag me kicking and screaming into the future. I still enjoy sitting down with a good cup of coffee, served in a real coffee mug and holding and reading the paper...so sad. I have an internet capable phone but like so many of generation, my eyes r not what they once were.

Posted by Sherm, Sept. 17

I think it's about time other community papers look at changing with the times.

Posted by Jennifer, Sept. 19


Like this comment
Posted by Hal Bailey
a resident of another community
on Sep 25, 2009 at 6:56 am

Dear Dolores,

These LTTEs and more comments on TDW Forum are applause what you built. Many attempts to build a regional weekly have been made and none achieved the initial quality and readership of YOUR Danville Weekly. The Valley Pioneer, The Devil Mountain Weekly, The Danville Times all fell where you succeeded.

Thank you Dolores.

Now on-line news services are coming to add to your on-line and express publication. E-exchanges also provide informational distribution among neighbors throughout our corridor and county district. What will be missing is that ever-portable print edition that comfortably lives with readers during their day.