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Perspective - September 25, 2009


Asked on Railroad Avenue

What do you hope to accomplish this fall?

Lionel "Taffy" Davies

retired mechanical engineer

I'd like to enjoy some cool, comfortable weather. I'm from Wales, and it doesn't normally get this hot. I'm 85, and staying alive through the fall would be a good accomplishment. My ambition is to be shot by a jealous husband when I'm 95. Also, I'd like to walk on the beach on the north coast with my whole family at Christmastime.

Pat Hattaway

retired airline reservationist

Now that I have a new dog (toy poodle), I want to walk with him and have him trained by spring. I will also keep busy working on my garden and clearing up my koi fish pond. We're also weekly square dancers and will continue that this fall.

Shirley Jacks

full time volunteer

I shot my daughter Jolina's wedding last year, and I'm going to be the official photographer at my daughter's maid of honor's wedding this fall. I also need to find time for myself and enjoy my recently completed yard with a new pool, spa and landscaping.

Megan Woram

sophomore, University of Oregon

I want to maintain good grades and find a job at school, so I have some spending money. I also want to become more active in school. There's nothing else big on the radar at this time.

Randy Coste

sales manager

This fall I want to get my two boys off to college at UC Irvine. Then we'd like to take a trip to Washington, D.C., to visit our daughter, who is serving as a congressional page for Nancy Pelosi. Our final hope is to get our heirloom tomatoes to ripen.


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