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Newsfront - October 2, 2009

Stadium to get new light poles

Replacement won't impact football season at SRV High

by Geoff Gillette

Earlier in the year, coaches of the San Ramon Valley High School football team were scrambling to deal with the possibility of being without a football stadium this season. But officials now say the replacement of light poles on the athletic field will wait until the end of the year.

Principal Joe Ianora said an inspection was held at the start of the school year.

"We talked to the facilities people about having someone take a look at the light poles at the athletic fields," he explained. "Whenever you have things hanging over people's heads you have to be cautious."

Ianora said the initial report came back saying that the poles were in need of replacement and should be taken down immediately. This would have adversely affected the school's football season as many of the team's home games are played under the lights.

"We asked for a second opinion," Ianora said. "We closed the field until they could do the second examination, but they did do further tests and what they decided is the current poles are OK to stand until they can get the replacements. There isn't any safety hazard."

The field was closed for six days while the tests were conducted. Ianora said he was pleased with the response he got from the various coaches when there was a potential of losing their night games.

"Everybody was very much accommodating to get this issue worked out," he said. "We had all these options, and the coaches were right there working with us to get it done."

Once the football season ends, the poles will come down and be replaced. The $750,000 replacement cost will come out of Measure A facilities funds recently approved by the SRVUSD School Board.


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