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Perspective - October 2, 2009


Asked at the San Ramon Valley Christian Academy

How do you get along with someone who doesn't get along with you?

Alyssa Gerontides


If I'm trying to get along with someone who doesn't get along with me, I'll show respect to them. I won't, however, give in to anything I don't think is right or against my principles. If I can help them in any way by example, I will.

Anthony Villella

athletic director, history teacher

The hardest thing to do is to kill the conflict with kindness, but it really is the only way, besides praying for them to resolve it peacefully. We're often too ready to go to war, and it takes patience to get along with adversaries.

John Rodriguez


If they're not necessarily nice to me, I extend my kindness to them. I don't try to get even. If something is said to me that I don't like, I try to ignore it. I try to be friendly toward them, and eventually they might become a friend.

Alex Atterbury

administrative assistant

It's important to try to understand their perspective and be as patient as possible. Ultimately, I think the goal is to love those around you whether it's difficult or easy.

Jan Brunkal


I think it's a matter of understanding people and their perspective. In my position, I encounter people who might be irritated about something and not necessarily upset with me. They just want to be heard. Therefore, dealing with people means you need to be a listener. As a Christian, I think it's important that I value people, whether they agree with me or not.


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