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Cover Story - October 2, 2009

the times, they are a-changin'

New online edition will begin Monday to deliver the news to e-mail inboxes five days a week

Here is what our readers should know about the new

* It will continue the features of our current that so many readers have already discovered.

* News will be reported five days a week and updated as it happens.

* We will have the ability to cover breaking news.

* We will still welcome information and photos that you send in or call in.

* We will have blogs from the editor (Diablo Views); as well as our Art Space on the art scene; Epicure with all the latest food fads and recipes; and the Teen Wire.

* We have more than 80 "Take Us Along" photos, so we will post those online, one by one that did not run, in a prominent position.

* We will also run sports team photos that we have received in the past few weeks, as well as the high school sports schedules. And our IT department is working on a format that allows parents to post these pictures themselves along with scores and comments on the game.

* Our Town Square Forum is popular. As one person commented, it is so easy to read a story online and comment on it then and there. Check it out on the left side of the homepage.

* Forget Fandango - check out for local movie times and movie reviews.

* Want to publicize your event? Our handy Community Calendar section will still be online, to add your own happenings and to learn about those of other groups.

* Current temperatures are on display, with a click for the weather forecast.

* You can search our website or the entire World Wide Web from our homepage.

* The archives from the print editions of the Danville Weekly will remain online to research old stories or to print old layouts.

* This is what we'll start with but we will not limit ourselves. Who knows what the future will bring?


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Posted by Hal Bailey
a resident of another community
on Oct 2, 2009 at 8:08 am

Dear Dolores,

As I walked the streets of Jacksonville Oregon Tuesday, Whitman Parker, editor of The Jacksonville Review,, was delivering his newspapers to store counters in the national historical "town." We chatted about the end of TDW's print edition and shared concerns for the end of a very transportable, more thorough version of issues reporting.

Whitman noted how The Jacksonville Review is a forum of local contributors that provide information to him for collection and editing into in-depth coverage of issues in western Medford, Jacksonville and the Applegate Valley. We agreed that print editions have that role of collected information for in-depth presentation of issues that is not easily translated to the immediacy of on-line stories and local readership commentary.

Today, Dolores, we are losing TDW's printed edition that started with the same "issues" performance noted by Whitman. What will remain is the challenge to your journalism to translate the issues performance into your on-line edition. TDW on-line is not there yet. Your forum is not a contribution to in-depth review of regional issues and your event stories are not focused on the underlying issues.

What is important is your continuance as editor/journalist and your opportunity to achieve a significant panel of contributors and your in-depth presentation of regional issues and the scope of positions. As you face on-line subscriber news services from major news services, it will take your willingness to be editor/presenter of in-depth, balanced issues and events reporting to maintain your relationship with your readers.

Thank you for your exceptional journalism and best wishes with your on-line presentation,

Hal Bailey
Member, CDSI Research Fellowship