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Why Waste Foundation Money Investigating?

Original post made by frankly , San Ramon, on Mar 28, 2012

We have a foundation telling superb school districts that they arent doing the job for not changing the district methods for the tiny ethnic minorities.

Once getting past the facade of this "report", one wonders why not put their high and mighty Phd.s and foundation money to work in many districts where they have major major problems which they claim exists in the San Ramon District?

So, then money comes to mind. What kind of money do they seek? Who gets the money? What kinds of money are involved in this thrust to discredit an excellent district with "report" from a group, all super-uped with tons of Phd.s?

They must see a scheme aside from what they claim which is always good, motherhood, and lollipops dreams to improve mankind.

Why redirect money to those who are marginally by arriving? Why misdirect money to those who are very poorly prepared and expect the "world" to serve them? Why misspend money to address those who have no "home" preparation to learn, incentives to learn, habits to learn, culturally dont address education at home except to yell discrimination drawing down funds from good, better programs.

Many past ethnic major persons learned at home, read at home, prepared at home, were guided by home to advance their learning skills, speech abilities, comprehension capacities taught at home.

Home is were it begins not demanding the same footing as those who were prepped at home by home!!!!

Turn your attention for better home preparation at those homes; provide sessions to inform those homes; go into those areas and present yourselves with knowledge as to how to improve oneself by real old fashioned sit down and learn methods.

Show what reading is and how its done as well as why its done rather then demand a district do all that at an older age when too many social distractions are available to those young people.

It's fashionable to demand society do what the home didntt BUT CANT for the most part for the timing is all wrong, the learning skills are set very on in growth development, social demands on young today, social expectations on the young who dont know how to handle them.

Go into areas where all these things dont exist; why attack the better districts to argue over crumbs?

Obviously to gather funding to continue funding, employment attacking district, and seeking further and added funding or remuneration from lectures, book signing and fostering an empire to point out the obvious for the total lack of certain homes.

Teach the home with your funds!

Educate continually those homes with your funding!

Provide the history of hard work to learn with your funding!

Use your funding to improve what you want to improve rather the go into districts to find the obvious!!!!

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