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Congressman Swalwell reflects on priorities for new term

Original post made on Feb 24, 2017

His third term in the House of Representatives is already shaping up to look quite different for Eric Swalwell. 2017 brings a variety of changes professionally, including new committee posts, new legislative issues and a new Republican president -- not to mention a big one personally, due this spring.

Read the full story here Web Link posted Thursday, February 23, 2017, 10:37 PM

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Posted by Greg T
a resident of Alamo
on Feb 24, 2017 at 7:33 am

I remind you congressman Swalwell, to please be true to your constituents in the areas you represent. From what I read here, sounds like you're still on kind of a liberal-left March more in line with Berkeley and San Francisco.
I did not appreciate your heavy criticism of president Trump's first month in office, including his executive orders, which is hypocritical of you, because Obama was the king of the executive orders. You didn't complain about those. For Pete's sake give the new president a chance... goats probably hard for you to do as the Democrat Party officially said they're going to do everything they can to trip Trump up and make him fail. Isn't that pretty mean-spirited?

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Posted by Renae
a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:13 am

Greg seems to forget the mean spirit of his own constituents during the last eight years. And by the way, Congressman Swalwell is true to those of us who voted for him. Keep speaking for us Congressman Swalwell, your constituents support this area.

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Posted by Joanne
a resident of Danville
on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:14 am

Congressman Swalwell,

I applaud your approach of staying in touch with your constituents and focusing on the important issues that concern them, which I feel you've identified accurately. I strongly believe that the interference of Russia in our election process is a very serious issue which threatens the core of our democracy and I support your bill to establish an independent bi-partisan team to fully investigate that. I also am very much in favor of your efforts with the United Solutions Caucus to work together with other representatives. Based on what has transpired in the first month of the new administration, I'm extremely apprehensive about the future of health care and reproductive issues. I believe that the ACA should be improved where it very admittedly needs to be and that the right of a woman to have control over her own body must be protected. Access to family planning is essential. Decreasing funding for that will only lead to more abortions, not fewer abortions. Thank you for your commitment and service. Please remain a steadfast voice for upholding American values of inclusion and dignity.

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Posted by Rob U
a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 24, 2017 at 9:18 am

Funny, if Hillary Clinton had won, there would be no discussion or concerns about Russia trying to influence the election. (If Russia indeed was behind this, or wiki leaks alone) But the damming thing was the emails leaked revealed Clinton's dishonesty and corruption and those of the democratic party and media. She thought she deleted the emails trying to cover up,but someone did capture them off her insecure private server.
I am a démocrate that always voted for Eric, and I also voted for Trump this time. Please don't disregard us, or make fun of us. Even in the Bay Area Trump got 1 out of 3 votes.

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Posted by Pam Richard
a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:11 am

Thank you Representative Swalwell for all you are doing for our community and our country. You conviction and passion are authetic and appreciated. Keep up the GREAT work. SO PROUD that you represent our district. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rep. Swalwell!!!

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Posted by voter
a resident of Danville
on Feb 24, 2017 at 11:34 am

I completely agree with Greg T's comments. The left is way to left for me.

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Posted by Westerner
a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 24, 2017 at 12:34 pm

Here is a link to an East Bay Express story about Swalwell's corruption. Web Link

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Posted by SHale
a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 24, 2017 at 5:07 pm

SHale is a registered user.

And yet he was reelected. Overwhelmingly. Twice, plus the first attempt.

hum. I guess 2/3 of the votes not quite getting the message about him?

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Posted by Resident
a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 24, 2017 at 5:51 pm

On Valentines day Swalwell made a short speech in congress ripping Trump, instead of suggesting funding something useful, like solving the gridlock on I680. Swalwell does not represent me or the many other CA voters that voted for Trump.

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Posted by LW
a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 27, 2017 at 10:21 am

Thank you Rep Swalwell! I applaud you for your work into forming an independent investigation of Russian influence. If not for this generation, but others to come. Other countries simply can not undermine our democracy or we will no longer have one. I appreciate your work in regards to the ACA. It is saving lives. Any replacement must clearly be better. Thank you!

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Posted by C. R. Mudgeon
a resident of Danville
on Feb 27, 2017 at 11:23 am

Thanks, Westerner, for posting a link to the very interesting article about campaign donations made by the Watkins family, in support of Rep. Swallwell. It's also very interesting that I don't recall any of this information being reported on by our local newspapers and TV news.

Rep. Swallwell apparently neglected to mention one of his top priorities, in his recent "reflections" - namely, "helping out" big donors, and their family members. Or perhaps the hiring of the daughter of a large contributor is just a lucky coincidence....

It's also nice that the daughters of Watkins, with (apparently) very limited income of their own, were able to come up with $2500 apiece to donate to Swallwell, to augment the donations from their parents. It's quite heartwarming, actually. I guess it's true - the family that donates to political candidates together, stays together!

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Posted by Resident
a resident of San Ramon
on Mar 1, 2017 at 7:46 pm

Swalwell is continuing to push the left wing of the Democratic Party agenda to delegitimize President Trump & to make his presidency much more difficult. Swalwell has turned out to be a big fat lemon!

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Posted by Tim
a resident of Charlotte Wood Middle School
on Mar 2, 2017 at 8:14 am

We voted for you to Lead, Follow or find another job. Please stop this obstruction and work to fix our state. This is the UNITED States, not the OBSTRUCTED States.

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Posted by Dave
a resident of San Ramon
on Mar 3, 2017 at 11:52 am

Eric, thanks for taking the time to talk to Iwasaki. I wanted to drop by and talk to you but, I also wanted to make our council meeting Tuesday night. AV/CV testing is doing well and I hope you can be here for our March 30 summit at Bishop Ranch. Ride the shuttle! Keep up the good work.

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