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In the aftermath of politics without democracy

Original post made by hal, another community, on Nov 4, 2010

Dear Dolores,

We have seen Chet point to California voters' rational review and rejection of GOP and Tea Party politics without substance.

We have seen comments from rational, moderate Republicans disgusted with their own party leadership: "There has been two years of GOP no, no, no and the voters ignored that: a. the Bush Admin got us in to this; and, b. the GOP did all they could to avoid improvement, to ensure a Dem failure. The next two years will show the Senate and/or Presidential veto of returning to the old; but, come 2012 the GOP will 'show' that the Dems 'blocked progress'. I fear that handwriting is on the wall. Plus, when the economy improves, the GOP will take credit. You and I know the current status should not be blamed on the Obama admin., but that is just what Tuesday's results show happened."

We have the opportunity for California to set the example of why the GOP and Tea Party are wrong for USAmerica's role in global economy, community and humanity. Cost-cutting strangulation of government and dependance on the greed of financial institutions and corporations will not deliver markets or USAmerican jobs to serve those markets. Such strangulation will deliver depression and a more permanent loss of USAmerica's role in our world.

California will need to lead by example as a world-class economy among our global economy, community and humanity. Let's invite your readers to consider such leadership and what investments must drive our future.

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Posted by American
a resident of Danville
on Nov 4, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Election is over, and it is time for us to put aside our partisan politics and support all our elected leaders, and try to compromise to put America first. Constant, nasty comments from people like Hal or Chet that constanly blast all Republicans and Tea Party members simply adds to the partisan gridlock that is allowing countries like China and Korea to gain in economic and political strength over us. Yes, Chet and Hal, Republicans and Tea Party candidates did not do very well in CA, but they gained nationally in the senate, and drastically in the house, and I think you would be surprised to learn that many of them are decent, hard working, people who just like you want a better America for their children and grand children, but just disagree on how to get there. Your ramblings that there is zero substance to them and essentially labeling them hate mongers is divisive, ill conceived, and a sterotype that hurts all Americans. Do you honestly believe there is not one single issue that we all can agree on, that there is absolutely zero substance in anything someone from a different political party believes in? We are only going to turn our country around if everyone moves to the center, and compromises, and that includes Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party members. How about taking down your McNerney signs, and putting up an American flag, and show us that we are not that different than you, in simply wanting what is best for our great country.

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Posted by hal
a resident of another community
on Nov 5, 2010 at 8:26 am

Dear Dolores,

I received the following comment from a senior research editor, subscriber news service(s):

"I read American's response to your provocative posting and questioned whether he/she had been paying attention to the campaigns or to politics of the last twelve years. To assume that any political party is going to provide leadership on behalf of the American people's will and interests is beyond naive. Such emotional response often illustrates how silly we become in our political wishful thinking."

How do your readers feel about that point of view?

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