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I object!!

Original post made by This space purposely left blank, another community, on Dec 21, 2008

Dear Publisher,

I object to the opportunity to post meaningless drivel on the FORUM. If I had something to say, I would say it to a majority by e-exchange and not bother myself with useless dialogue.

Please delete,


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Posted by I support Blank's objection!!
a resident of another community
on Dec 21, 2008 at 8:49 pm

I object to Blank's objection!!

Having nothing to say is not any reason to request deletion of the absence of one's content.


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Posted by Hal Bailey
a resident of another community
on Dec 22, 2008 at 8:31 am

Dear Dolores,

I got your message:

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I am quite sure Alamo Ron and all our region's neighbors will find this enjoyable.

Joyous wishes at Christmas,

Harald Paul Arthur Balle
aka Hal Bailey

(please delete because in joyous humor I object to this message)


In Appreciation of Neighbors

Neighbors and their neighborhoods have been the backbone of regional voice to protect residents from actions of governments and political supporters that willfully deny rights of public voice, position and actions. Repeatedly, neighbors providing their public voice have been defamed, intimidated and threatened by such governments and political supporters in an attempt to eliminate any and all public voice. In result, neighborhoods have privately established communication to mutually inform all neighbors of such actions by governments and their political supporters.

Today, communication among neighbors, as e-exchanges, exists in and among neighborhoods, along the Iron Horse corridor, in community groups and among members of various political campaigns. The core value of those e-exchanges is the privacy created for exchange of information, documentation, commentary, ideas and plans. It is concluded by participants that we are a community with public voice that does not violate the privacy of each individual.

Such participants in e-exchanges, as the majority of residents and voters in our region and corridor, are the owners of governments and the customers of media. Neighbors declare daily that we do not surrender our ownership of governments to officials that would assume to be our leaders. Neighbors declare daily that we will only be the customers of media that respects our public voice, right to privacy and serves our readership with fair and balanced presentation.

In the last twenty months, our rights to public voice, position and actions have been challenged by governments, their political supporters and media. In efforts to ignore and exclude the majority voice and actions, 1) governments have refused inclusion of the majority in consideration of incorporation, 2) proponent campaigns have ignored requests for inclusion, definition and approval, and 3) media has excluded any and all distribution of neighbors’ information from their reporting and editorial. Each has now increased their aggregated actions to further exclude any and all neighborhoods’ commentary from public presentation and now seeks to penetrate and violate neighbors’ right to privacy.

In good fortune, neighbors’ e-exchanges now serve the majority of voters and provide immediate distribution of news, information, documentation and research references. Among e-exchange supporters are news services researchers that provide in-depth discovery and definition of actions by governments and their political supporters. Neighbors’ e-exchanges have resident and retained counsel and analysts, expert in government, to provide discovery, exact information, guidance and public actions. Neighborhoods have no need for local media and only provide public release of commentary and position to serve media, governments and small factions that do not participate in e-exchanges.

Going forward, neighbors in their neighborhoods have committed to individual privacy and thorough, immediate distribution to all e-exchanges. Governments, their political supporters and media, will be provided summaries of issues and positions by designated distribution and any needed interaction will be through resident counsel. Neighbors have declared that nothing will be prepared for publication or public record in support of governments, their political supporters and media. Neighbors’ privacy and ability to fully communicate in private will remain the backbone of neighborhoods and the information we share.

In personal appreciation: Hundreds of neighborhoods’ representatives, committee members and individual neighbors have sent personal appreciation for the support of CDSI Research and my efforts to serve all neighbors and positions with information, reference and public distribution of neighbors’ commentary and positions. I wish to thank all neighbors for the opportunity to be one among the many and in service to our mutual interests. Neighbors’ concerns for the results of my support and public participation have focused, with anger, on the sources of such results. I would appreciate all anger ended and focus to remain on the will, interests and positions of neighborhoods in compliance of governments and media with neighborhoods’ requirements.

In kind regards and joyous wishes at Christmas,

Harald A. Bailey
Member, CDSI Research Fellowship

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