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Just received an e-mail from Mary Piepho

Original post made by S. Cavalli, Alamo, on Nov 3, 2007

FOR COUNTY WINERIES AND OLIVE MILLS" - gee, thanks Mary, what an accomplishment. What about the traffic and safety woes in Alamo that have been on your plate since elected? What about the roundabout? When will residents be able to cross Danville Blvd without fear of being killed? When will the excessive driveway issue be addressed?

Thanks again for helping the wineries, a true priority.

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Posted by Forest Warn
a resident of another community
on Nov 3, 2007 at 2:25 pm

Mr. Cavalli, we residents of the other Alamo applaud you.

Ms. Piepho was making a political statement more to insure that Zinfandel would not get a foothold in Contra Costa County. It is her absolute focus on such self-important interests that has made her the most disregarded public individual in our county.

Resolve Traffic in Alamo? Change the name to Alamo Blvd, noted Ms. Peipho and the commuters might not be able to find Alamo roads and lanes. Creative solutions have always been the benchmark of the Piepho's campaigns in the Alamo Region and the definition of her failures.

Fore Warn

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Posted by Lisa Wright
a resident of another community
on Nov 4, 2007 at 7:31 am

Hey Steve,

AS a supporter of AIM's incorporation effort, you need to look carefully at the preferences of the AIM committee. Did you know Mr. Michael Gibson is a listed supporter of Ms. Piepho at When AIM's main PR commentary is getting Alamo away from the control of the county, do you want Alamo's main antagonist on the Board of Supervisors supported by a prominent member of the AIM committee?

Lisa Wright

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Posted by Ken Hambrick
a resident of Walnut Creek
on Nov 5, 2007 at 9:53 am

Don't despair, Alamonians (can I call you that?), Piepho treats all of us in her district with the same arrogance and disdain that she treats you.

Isn't it great to be part of a group that enjoys a Supervisor who know she is smarter than we are an that she knows what is best for us? I feel honored.

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Posted by Hal Bailey
a resident of another community
on Nov 5, 2007 at 5:14 pm

Ken, great humor.

As we celebrate your commentary, let me provide appropriate terms. We are Alamode'ans, much like ice cream on pie, but we are all NUTS on top. As for intelligence of a high school graduate who became a conservative Republican, that doesn't seem to add up to "Mother knows best?" And in Alamo, many people with unsmiling faces like to get our supervisor under various Oak Trees. They mean her no harm, but it does serve of a reminder of community attitudes toward the last three years.

But to be fair, the past three District 3 supervisors, including our current author of random distain, have been sadly disappointing to a community that could have been their most wealthy ally. Well, since we know Guy is our next supervisor, we can hope for the best and not "Dublin!"

Smile, the Alamo Towne Fool welcomes you to our tomfoolery, come to the tree lighting on December 2..we will be the ones with bottles of Zinfandel.


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Posted by Vince Kreigher
a resident of another community
on Nov 15, 2007 at 5:24 pm

The campaign continues. Now Mary wants to drive our children to school down Alamo Boulevard in a bus ladened with campaign slogans for her next campaign.

This is getting more humorous each day!

She is speaking at a Veterans' celebration on the 17th, lighting an Oak Tree on December 2 and we should expect more. Some time around Christmas we should expect her to come to town in a red nose leading a team of reindeer.


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Posted by Linda Blair
a resident of another community
on Nov 19, 2007 at 9:41 am

Dear Alamonians,
Please don't feel neglected. Mary Piepho continues to disregard all of her constituents on the East side of the hill also. She's trying to get rid of entire communities on this side. I have followed your blight with her because I thought she was just picking on this side of the hill. I can see she is doing a poor job in her entire District. I can't wait for Houston to arrive. The only problem is she is going to leave the County with $3.2 billion dollar debt for the County and then point her finger at Houston. Just like she took the credit for Vasco Rd. when Millie Greenberg already had the funding in place before she left and continues to take credit.
Linda Blair

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Posted by Bob Richards
a resident of Walnut Creek
on Nov 19, 2007 at 9:48 am

Gee Mary, what a great effort on your part to make sure your energy goes to vineyards and oliver growers. Like they need more help along with the government supplements. How about all the problems in this County i.e. roads, debt, schools, and many more. Good goin'. I've put a tent outside my voting poll so I can be the first in line to try and get some real representation from our new future Supervisor.
Bob Richards
Walnut Creek

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Posted by Local Voter
a resident of San Ramon
on Nov 19, 2007 at 3:19 pm

First off I'd like to say " WOW ". I thought I was one of a few critics of " The Queen ". It appears she has a very large number of her district voters she has burned. A lame duck supervisor with only lip service to offer is hurting the heck out of Contra Costa County. The only accomplishment she has made is to give Guy Houston a good salary when she leaves. Piepho is bad for Contra Costa County. Her selfish personal agenda has hurt the finances of the county, showed lack of progress, lack of being in touch with the citizens, and down right egotistically rude. A vote for almost anyone else would be an improvement. Lately sometimes I feel like Hilter has come to Contra Costa to haunt us in District Three. I hope it changes.

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Posted by Melanie Campbell
a resident of San Ramon
on Nov 19, 2007 at 5:03 pm

Second of all I'd like to say I am not suprised at the many critics of "The Queen" This Supervisor has burned so many people, created so much xtra expense by her draconian letters and demands and rudeness I am suprised she hasn't been impeached. I recently heard her tell the political editor Lisa Vorderbrugen in her betty boop voice " only a handful of people in Alamo, Byron and Knightsen dislike me but the rest of the County loves me." I almost lost my dinner. I hope the voters of this County give her a big 51% surprise in June 08 so we can start celebrating during the good weather!

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Posted by Don Della Nina
a resident of another community
on Nov 28, 2007 at 2:46 pm

To the TownSquare Forum.....

After reading many of your concerns and coments I found them to be a little disturbing and disrespectful to our elected Supervisor made on this message board. First of all many of you and your coments display and show me that you are not totally understanding and engaged with what Supervisor Mary Piepho has accomplished for East County and for small business Farmers and associated products.

Thank you Supervisor Mary Piepho on behalf of friends and fellow Farmers. I would also like to thank our Mayors who were involved in this Democratic procces and to see this through.

This has been a Win Win for our beloved Cities and our beloved East Contra Costa County and the citizen's who make up these communities.

The traffic fee relief reduction is a way to encourage wineries and olive oil producers and mills to invest in our agriculturally rich East Countra Costa County. The Traffic Fee Tax went from $69,000 to
$2900. This is very significant and now allows me to employe and hire several new employee's to my small business.

As you know, the United States economy is at a level record high due to small and medium size businesses and enterprises. We are currently at lower levels of unemployment in over 8 years. When the economy seemed to be weak and Corporate America had its problems, it was small to medium business companies that have grown our great lifestyle and economy.

This means that jobs in our comunities will grow throught the food chain along with industry related products and opportunities.

I leave you with one provoking thought......

Livermore, California broke barriers and the bureaucracies to create over 30 wineries that have award winning recognition around the world for their wines and olive oils.


Don Della Nina
Owner / Grower / Producer
Olio Bello d' Olivo

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Posted by Bill Goodson
a resident of San Ramon
on Nov 29, 2007 at 4:40 pm

If the Olio Bello d Olivo grower is so proud of what Mary Piepho has done for Contra Costa county I would like to see his list. Would throwing herself a party with MAC funds to pat herself on the back because she got her community a new zip code be one of them? Just so Mr. Nina understands the responses on this website are from commnity members tired of her empty promises. Mr. Nina needs to open his eyes and look beyond his olive groves. This entire County is tired of her non-accomplishments and everything being about Mary the "Queen". Mr. Nina might think it is great that our Supervisor pays attention to his olives by taking away the funding for our roadways that service all of the citizens of this county, however there is a bigger picture here. I would hate to think he is as self centered as our Supervisor. What about the County debt of $2.3 billion she has led us into, what about our schools, crumbling sideways, pothole streets, roads that are radar unenforceable because of non action, congested traffic, our empty fired departments and her exclusion of community participation because she knows best. What about the people she was elected to represent? We have one olive grower in far East County trying to tell all the citizens about how her many accomplishments? She might be good for olives but she has not been effective or good for the citizens, members of committees of this County that donate endless hours of time to make Contra Costa County a better place to live. Alamo has become so fed up with our Supervisor they were forced gather signatures and expend the money to become a City just to get away from her. Does the County realize the funds they will be loosing from Alamo becoming a city to feed that $2.3 billion debt? No Mr. Nina it will be the areas under the County control that will end up paying the price for the Supervisors bad decisions, not the individual cities. So please forward all her great accomplishments!

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Posted by Don Della Nina
a resident of another community
on Nov 29, 2007 at 6:36 pm


Thank you for your response and engaging to my message that I had posted earlier. As to your first concern I thought I had explained It very clearly for my many thanks to Supervisor Mary Piepho regarding Traffic Fee Relief Reduction. This reduction will allow me to hire additional employee's and that means jobs for the unemployed.

What are you doing as a concerned citizen to correct or change the status quo. We can go back in forth over many issues of concern. Share with me some real documented examples of her failures that didn't bring some common good to our society.



PS: Last name is two words, Della Nina

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Posted by Bill Goodson
a resident of San Ramon
on Nov 30, 2007 at 2:01 pm

Well Don, lets see. I guess the neglect of of addressing the $2.3 billion in debt doesn't count? And by the way by the time her term is over it will be $3.4 Billion. How about her wonderful performance at the joint meeting regarding Vasco Rd improvements when she announced there were NO funds available for the road improvements and was informed that Alameda County applied for and received $32 Million in grants for the project. Our Supervisor wasn't even aware the funds were available and applied for NONE. I am sure the family members of the fatalities on Vasco Rd would not find any common good in that failure. How about her lack of support to help fund the school bond to improve local schools. Uses community funds to give herself an award? Where is the common good in that failure? Too many to list. Good luck with your olives.

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Posted by an informed resident
a resident of another community
on Dec 2, 2007 at 12:10 am

Mr. Della Nina,

I sincerely hope that you were not bothered by the “opinions” stated here, and that some would attempt to have you believe are actually based on fact. They are not.

Message boards such as this are extremely conducive to anyone who would purposely provide misleading information (opinion) over any fact driven journalism. It is very obvious the previous writer wanted to purposely to mislead you and the readers and was lazy about providing the real facts. You may also have noticed that one single writer can easily disguise themselves so that they appear as “many” different writers. Just take a look at the posting dates & times and language used. Basically there is little accountability so "buyer beware". That is why these types of opinions often show up as ‘letters to the editor’ and would never appear as a news story because they would be unreliable and a paper printing such as fact would lose credibility.

For example just in the context of this particular forum, Linda (Blair) suggests that the county will be left with a 3.2 billion dollar debt and then as you read further, Bill Goodson states the figure as 3.4 billion! Hey it is only a .2 billion difference! But that is really not the issue either and either of them would not want you to be confused with the real facts. What was conveniently omitted by both people was the factual figure of 2.3 billion has been created over a 40 year period. That is right-not by Mary Piepho but by the supervisors that preceeded her. So much for Supervisor Piepho “leading us into it” as Goodson suggested (once again absent from fact). Where Supervisor Piepho did play a role, is that in her initial term as Supervisor the county CAO that was not performing financially, was replaced with a CAO that is. Piepho has also stopped the run away debt by getting the entire board to work together and agree to create policy changes. The Board of Supervisors is now spending less than they are taking in and working on the liability. Again, fact over fiction.

As for Mr Goodson’s “list”, let’s take a closer look. Supervisor Piepho never threw herself a party with MAC funds and I would ask Goodson to offer any proof of such action. He opines that she did this because of a zip code that she got? Where did that come from? If you have doubts do an internet search. There are numerous accounts (including a USPS press release) that will show Goodman’s comments are once again false and inaccurate. It is clear that the local city government and the United States Congress was responsible for obtaining a new zip code which Goodson refers to. Piepho may have assisted but was not the driving force, and suggesting that a party “thrown by”, hosted or held by the Supervisor for this is once again blatantly false. If Bill Goodson still thinks he is correct, here is his challenge to prove it. He simply cannot because it did not happen.

Mr. Goodson goes on to “suggest” empty promises & non accomplishments? Like what? Piepho clearly has a record of making changes which is probably closer to the point of why Mr. Goodson might be so angry. Did one of these accomplishments effect him or maybe hold him accountable? That might explain a lot.

Mary the Queen”? A certain Supervisor has had the title of “Queen” but it certainly is not Mary Piepho. If Mr. Goodson was really engaged with county politics he would surely know that. He comes across through his opinion as being knowledgeable but the facts speak an entirely different story. Thank goodness tens of thousands of citizens know better.

Finally is Goodman’s inaccurate characterization of Vasco Rd. He could not be any farther from the truth and this is extremely easy to uncover. Piepho has been leading the charge for safety and that fact is evidenced in many published articles, the Highway Patrol and by many involved citizen's accounts. One of these citizens is Jeff Altman who lost his wife in a tragic Vasco Rd. accident. Altman is very well known and worked tirelessly to get Vasco Rd. designated as a safety corridor. Mr. Goodman should contact Mr. Altman if he has ANY doubts about what the “family’s of victims” think about the Supervisor and her many efforts related to Vasco Rd. Piepho attends the Vasco Rd task force meetings and has for years-where has Guy Houston been? Mr. Goodman do you know? Oh that is right, in his absence he wants to fund yet another study! There is a great story which illustrates these facts in a reliable Brentwood publication (if Goodson is interested in hearing from someone who was present).

I could continue to go point for point but Goodman lost any credibility when he suggested that Alamo is forced to become a city because of the Supervisor.

Mr. Della Nina, I am sure you realized that the few people that posted did so because there statements would not hold water. These people would have not been able to attack Supervisor Mary Piepho with the truth. You see, the only thing they have to offer is mud to sling, fortified with false opinions and this area lends itself to that rather well. They know that also.

It is easy to push back against these individuals; they leave so much opportunity to do so, being that the real facts are readily available. Anyone can make a “list”, but creating a factual list was not favorable to the person that challenged you.

From there you probably need to ask yourself why an ordinary citizen from San Ramon would bring up issues from East County, and be spoon fed so much incorrect information. The answer is pretty clear isn’t it and you can bet every other reader is thinking it.

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Posted by Kris Hunt
a resident of Walnut Creek
on Dec 5, 2007 at 1:13 pm

Regarding the amount of County debt - that is something I follow closely since I am the Executive Director of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association. I believe the debt figure they may be writing about is the amount owed for Retiree Health Care that has been so much in the news of late. The number calculated by the County's actuaries as of 12/21/05 was $2.6 billion. Because the Board of Supervisors has done nothing since that time (and here Ms. Piepho must shoulder part of the blame as should all of the other Board members with possibly the exception of Susan Bonilla who joined the Board in January of 2007), that amount will be over $3 billion by 12/31/07.

While the "informed resident of another community" says this cost was 40 years in the making, it has grown from $1 billion in 2001 to the $3 billion it is now. In fact, only the past three years the Board has continued to sign long term contracts (the latest in October 2007), that locked the County into health care expenses it cannot afford.

I hope that clears up some of the number confusion. If you have any questions feel free to contact me through CoCoTax.

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Posted by Confused Dist III Resident
a resident of another community
on Dec 5, 2007 at 4:56 pm

If Mary is so sweet and productive, why am I reading so many negative things in all the newspapers versus a couple of pats on the back that come from people outside her district. Just the regular news articles alone ( i.e. Suing her brother over her dads money, a trip to Washington DC and come back with a special zip code for Discovery Bay, uncounted amount of office staff turn over, vote self a 63% raise, vote supporters 100% raise, etc. ) This is fact not fiction. The only thing I have ever read positive is the road fee reduction for wineries and (OLIVE OIL ?). All other publicity I see about Mary is negative. If she is so good and has done so much would someone please list those accomplishments here !
I only see spendthrift wastefull setback action.

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Posted by Dedicated Citizen
a resident of Alamo
on Dec 5, 2007 at 5:10 pm

As for the gentleman trying to convience the audience that Mary Piepho is the best thing since apple pie is pretty far fetch. Many of these people in these writings have experienced dealing with our Supervisor. He falsely claims that Alamo does not want to be a City because of our Supervisor. Our community is tired of her empty promises and the way we are treated by our Supervisor. The firing of many members on two of our very productive committees was totally uncalled for. I believe she was quoted as saying she needed to get rid of "dead wood". Mr. other community I live in Alamo and I am actively supporting Alamo becoming a City because of our Supervisor. This resident from another community attempts to paint a charming picture of Supervisor Piepho, but none of us who have had to tolerate her are falling for it. With regard to him trying to convince everyone that a few are writing letters is wishful thinking on his part. I hope he will be very suprised come the June election as many of us voters have hopes that we will be able to get rid of our "dead wood" Supervisor. Bill Goodson not Goodman as you call him does many things for the surrounding communities, just because he cannot quote the exact amounts our County is in debt by a few hundred thousand dollars doesn't mean he is wrong. Alamo keep up the good work!revail.

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Posted by informed resident
a resident of another community
on Dec 6, 2007 at 10:50 pm

One thing is for sure the “Confused Dist III Resident” certainly is confused! The opinions by Confused Dist III Resident, indicate that to be a very proper title indeed.

Just looking at a few of the opinions presented, I remembered that I read the article about Supervisor (Nejedly) Piepho’s brother a while back in the newspapers, so I pulled it up online again. The “confused resident” could not have been more wrong. The story was clear that Piepho was not suing her brother over her father’s money. In FACT quite the contrary! The brother is suing the late Senator’s personal trust! If the concerned citizen really wanted to point out lawsuits to be concerned about maybe a better example is Guy Houston’s involvement in a well publicized case involving senior citizens. That one is really simple to find!

It only took a few quick searches to find articles and notices regarding the Supervisor’s trip to Washington, including a mention of it here in Danville Weekly…and it had nothing to do with obtaining a zip code for Discovery Bay or any other community. According to many published articles a zip code had been in the works for years and was driven by a local Congressman. Maybe a confused resident should pay closer attention to what he or she reads.

The following commentary posted by a “Dedicated Citizen” assumed my gender as male. Thank you for referring to me as a gentleman, but please remember what happens when you “ass u me”.
That entire post is a contradiction within itself. Contrary to my claim, “Dedicated Citizen” suggests that the reason for Alamo wanting to achieve the status of a city is because of the Supervisor and hopes that she will not be re-elected in June. That would be a little self defeating huh? A lot has been published in print regarding this subject, but I don’t recall reading “Don’t like Supervisor” as a box that was checked. Dedicated Citizen stated it correctly as personal reason but many might question the fact that he or she speaks for all of Alamo. If so I think we have found our Mayor!

I apologize that the sarcasm of capitulating between Goodson and Goodman was lost on such a dedicated citizen. I really thought it was fitting considering Mr. Goodson’s prior post in which he referred to Mr. Della Nina as Mr. Nina. Details may not be important here where someone thinks that .2 billion is a few hundred thousand dollars. But just in case I lost you with that final sarcasm, .2 billion is actually twenty million dollars. (If your were counting that means you were both wrong). I am very sorry if I confused you with the facts, I promise I won’t let it happen again.

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Posted by Lauren Unruh
a resident of another community
on Jan 22, 2008 at 3:13 pm

- Pleasant Hill

Mary Piepho and Susan Bonilla have a big thing against a perfectly reasonable business operation, medical marijuana dispensaries. I believe it is religious discrimination.

They ignore the needs of sick and dying people and refuse to listen to my assertions regarding their religious prejudices. I am a Sufi, a kind of eastern religious leader. Marijuana is the sacrament of my church.

Today I dropped a copy of the Rasta Testimonial from my church, the THC Ministry, to Supervisor Piepho's office in Martinez. I had a second to talk to her in the hall.

Wow! Her obvious prejudice, hatred even of sweet little old Hippie mama me, was actually notable. Her words were also threatening, I looked around to see the sheriffs smirking at me.

I commented on it to a TV 7 reporter who gave me her card, (I was actually on FOXN last week, I am moving up.)

I would like to know what church Mary Piepho goes to. I need to talk to her minister about the discrimination she and Susan are visiting upon me and my people.

Because she is an elected official and she directs the Sheriffs office police forces to hurt and hunt us, and they do this based on the racial and religious prejudices that they share against us; I believe this fills the actual description of torture from the United Nations charter.

We could press charges, or we could file a class action suit against her and the county. Call me if you are interested in joining either of these actions.

Mary Piepho MUST be replaced. We need someone reasonable to run against her. If you are interested in any of these projects, or know someone who is, or are interested in joining the THC Ministry, please call me.

If you are into politics and want to see some major changes, I am in the phone book, give me a call.

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Posted by Mary Nejedly Piepho
a resident of another community
on Jan 28, 2008 at 4:28 pm

Lauren, I was alerted to this message by Google Alerts. While we have met previously when this issue has been discussed, you and I did not see each other on January 22. The item you refer to was discussed at the board on Tuesday, January 15 and I did not see that you were in attendance on that day nor provide any public comment. I do not maintain an office in Martinez so if you met with someone there I assure you it was not me. My offices are located in Danville and Brentwood, not Martinez. While I appreciate that you disagree with the actions of the board on this issue, I do respect your advocacy for what you believe in. I can be reached at 820-8683 if you wish to reach my office directly or Dist3@BOS.CCCounty.US

Sorry, but further commenting on this topic has been closed.

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