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Who are WE, the people?

Original post made by Hal, another community, on Nov 1, 2010

Dear Dolores and Emily,

At last night’s festivities of Celtic New Year’s eve, our neighbors were wondering who WE, the people, are as all of us approach these mid-term elections. In a decade of spending, too much on WAR, by Republicans WE are offered that same old status quo by their candidates. In four years of Democrats coming to power WE have not solve the Decade’s issues of alienation with our global economy, community and humanity. Both parties, together, in their polarized separation have taken little note of the will and interests of our majority.

In campaigns, political “he-said, she-said” in slimy attack ads refuse to address the issues WE, the people, know must be addressed. Alternatives such as Tea Parties only want to strangle government so no effective investment can be made for WE, the people. News entertainment personalities continue their comedy acts only for the purpose of self-promotion. Major corporations and the small minority of wealth quietly serve their own interests by avoidance of any global government participation.

Tomorrow WE will see many voting in blind ignorance of the candidates and issues. WE will see prejudice, hatred, and dogmatic ignorance create voters that emotionally look for simple answers from someone other than themselves. What WE won’t see are WE, the people, as a majority taking responsibility for our own future and selecting candidates and measures that truly serve us all. What WE will see is more of us voting against someone or something than voting for candidates and measures that will serve our future.

WE will see who WE are!


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