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Peipho [removed] Cabal flourishes

Original post made by Don Flint, another community, on Jan 19, 2012

After a number of other people's posts on this site are attributed to me I feel compelled to set the record straight. Perhaps the fact that I am one of the very few who use their name when posting causes a few people to assume anything they don't like should be attributed to me. Ironic and somewhat counter-intuitive.

With recent Piepho related posts we see [removed because it contained information that cannot be verified by us or the commenter] (aka: "Informed Resident"), [removed for reason stated above]

One wonders how often politicians, their staff, and their appointees use aliases to promote their benefactors. [removed] and Mary appear smart enough to realize that as an appointee of Ms. Nejedly Piepho his defense of her may appear somewhat tainted. I think they're right but wouldn't it be refreshing to hear from a Piepho supporter who has not personally benefited from her authority to appoint.

And as far as that authority to appoint, let's not forget Mary's willingness to push the edges.

Recall that the BOS was forced to severely limit her (and her colleagues' ongoing appointment authority after the [removed because information here is not reflected document] There's a Grand Jury report on that one Web Link

And before you respond [removed], I am well aware that you don't believe that had anything to do with her. Just a wild string of coincidences and hardly any fingerprints, right?

Out in Discovery Bay we watched as Dave Piepho brought the local district to a stalemate so that his wife could appoint Brian Dawson to the DB-CSD. The other board members were adamantly against Dawson's appointment but Dave and Mary didn't care. At the time Dave responded to disgust for his actions in the board meeting by saying: Im doing this because I can. If you don't like it change the law. He is a can't guy, not a should guy, a point that I am sure was not missed by the ultimate finding that he was not even one of the two highest qualified candidates for the Cemetery District seat.

But [removed] does defend anything Piepho.

[Removed] effort it admirable, but his success rate is far from perfect. He was the person, after all, who accidentally turned his boy Dave Piepho in for illegally receiving several thousand dollars in stipends from the ratepayers of Discovery Bay. [Several statements were removed because the credibility of the site is questionable and, therefore, the statements could not be verified.]
Web Link

We know that when something is said about the Piepho-[removed] cabal their reaction is to attack the messenger. I suggest they would be more effective if they explained their view of the incidents rather than the person raising them.

Why not just step forward and, without the knee-jerk attack on the messenger, clearly explain why the stipends that Dave illegally claimed and received from his local board is a non-issue in the Piephos' political careers?

Explain why Mary and Dave fought so hard for his appointment to the Cemetery Board and why you truly don't believe it had anything to do with his plan to retain his LAFCO seat and ultimately be named LAFCO Chairman (he was Vice-Chair at the time, was he not).

Explain why the funds that Dave Piepho helped obtain (with the help of Mary's office) for the celebration of Mary Piepho's efforts to get Discovery Bay its very own zip code were legitimate despite the fact that they derived from Keller Canyon Mitigation Funds? Remember, the Auditor Controller's office and the Grand Jury pointed out how poorly those funds were managed and now the CCC-BOS has implemented safeguards to ensure the fund isn't raided by a similar political boondoggle.

And then wrap this all up for us, from the point of view of a Piepho political appointee, by explaining why these issues do not reflect on Mary's leadership.

[Removed because it contains accusations that cannot be verified]

The Piepho- [removed]cabal definition of a "half-truth" is a truth that they don't like and innuendo is a fact that reflects poorly on a component of the cabal. They will respond with personal attacks against me because that's all they have. That's ok; people are smart enough to see name calling and vulgar personal attacks as the last bastion of a fact challenged person.

If the cabal wants to encourage more posting from me they should continue to attribute other anonymous posts to me. I have plenty to share and all I need is a little push from my friends over there in Clipper Estates.

Don Flint

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Posted by Don Flint
a resident of another community
on Jan 19, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Don Flint is a registered user.

I just received an email from Bob Mankin informing me that he is not "Informed Resident".

I would like to extend my apologies to Mr. Mankin and correct these sentences in my earlier post:
With recent Piepho related posts we see Bob Mankin (aka: �Informed Resident�), political appointee of Mary Nejedly Piepho, defending the politician who appointed him to his county advisory role.

That sentence, corrected, should read: "With recent Piepho related posts we see Informed Resident, political appointee of Mary Nejedly Piepho, defending the politician who appointed him to his county advisory role."

Also, in the third to last paragraph, where I wrote:
"The point is, Mr. Mankin � aka �Informed Resident� is not just a defender of Mary Piepho..."
I would correct that to read:
The point is Informed Resident is not just a defender of Mary Piepho..."

My apologies to Mr. Mankin.

Don Flint

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Posted by Voter3333
a resident of another community
on Jan 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm

Voter3333 is a registered user.

To Don Flint,
I know who [removed because it was deleted from the original post] is and it really doesn't matter. I know who [removed because it was deleted from the original post] is. I also know who Mary Piepho is. I have read many many blogs, news articles, and documents generated by all three.
I appreciate your candid view on local events and controversy. The opinions of people are important when they are backed up with factual events or documentation such as you have done. Opinions generated only to discredit actual facts or persons providing actual facts have far less merit.
Keep up the good work Don Flint and continue to reveal this type of activity. It needs to be brought out so people know what is really going on.

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Posted by Barefootbandit
a resident of another community
on Jan 19, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Barefootbandit is a registered user.

Nothing says "grudge" like posting on a website for a community you don't live in about a politicians that no longer serves there...

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