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Shame on the Danville Rotary: another Alamo abuse!

Original post made by Alamo community of neighborhoods, Alamo, on Jun 29, 2007

A smiling Kathy Chiverton, Executive Director of SRV YMCA, was pictured in the Danville Times today accepting a $10,000 check as part of a $50,000 Danville Rotary commitment to expand the SRV YMCA deep into Alamo's Hemme neighborhoods. You might recall that Kathy was District 3 Chief of Staff when the YMCA abuse of Alamo's Hemme neighborhood was approved by CCC-BOS.

Danville refuses to continue access to SRV YMCA because they know the traffic flow will be abusive to neighborhoods. And yet, Danville Rotary is all smiles as they FUND the transfer of that traffic burden to Alamo neighborhoods. Why not ask the Danville Rotary why they sponsor such abuse of Alamo neighborhoods when their merchant members wants Alamo's business?

With a great Trader Joe's in Walnut Creek, do Alamo neighborhoods have any remaining reasons to go to Danville?

Hal Bailey as a courtesy to Alamo neighborhoods