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Passing of Charomalee Kennels Owner: Marny Pierson

Original post made by, Diablo Vista Middle School, on Jul 1, 2007

On June 20, 2007, Marianna Pierson peacefully returned home to her Father In Heaven. "Marny" is to be reunited with her Husband Charles of 69 years.
Mother of 11 children. Oldest, Ronald Pierson, 68, father of 3, married to Sue. Daughter Judy, 65, mother of 4.
With a Heart of Gold and a Love For Children, "Marny & Chuck" adopted 9 children as follows: Daughter Shelley Keesling, 49, Mother of 1. Son Scott Langly, 49, married, father of 2. Daughter Marie Pierson, 46. A Brother & Sister: Freddie,45 and Liz 45. Daughter Kim Montano, 42, mother of 2. Son Kevin Pierson, 42, father of 2. Daughter Tracy Pierson, 41, engaged to wed Donald Vivatson.Youngest Son Eric Pierson, 38,married to Jill, parents of 2.
Grandmother to 17, Great-Grandmother to 9. Marny is survived by her younger Brother, Walt Shelley.
Marny was born in Dayton, Ohio. Her love for animals started in training horses to be trotters. In 1930, Marny began training Dogs For The Blind as well as Military Rescue Dogs. Marny married Charles Pierson in 1938, and moved to San Diego in 1939. Marny started the "Palomares Collie Club" where she Bread and Showed Collies.
In 1974, the Family all moved to Danville, California where they started a Boarding Kennels for dogs named "Charomalee Kennels" that has been of valuable service to their community for 33 years. Charomalee Kennels however will continue to serve their loyal community and customers for years to come!


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