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One Million Dollars for a liar

Original post made by Hal Bailey, another community, on Dec 17, 2007

Dear neighbors,

It struct me last night that CBS Survivor was publicly celebrating LYING with a reward of US$1 Million. We can say it is a game, but then we would have to review Barry Bond's indictment related to the game of baseball.

What message are we messaging into our culture by such questionable reality in Survivor. Does it make it easier for us to accept politics as a game and expect our candidates, campaigns and elected officials to lie to us?

To our good fortune, life is not a game. Life has no rules or time periods. Life is not individual and is only relationships that mend, meld and go away. Games exist on rules exceptional to life and create competition that cannot be found in life's relationships.

Is Survivor only a game or an indictment of our culture?