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Many perspectives: Alamo is about to be defined

Original post made by Just me, another community, on Sep 19, 2008

Dear Editor,

Many perspectives, well-considered at the LAFCO meeting, provided LAFCO commissioners and neighbors in the audience an overall view of what makes our region dynamic. Although Alamo remains undefined, many ideas were shared about who we are and how we wish to voice our local priorities.

We are more a region contained in cities, spheres of influence and county areas than a single community easily described as Alamo. We are many cultures and political preferences. We are not our past as a semi-rural community and we are less together in our moves toward urban luxury.

Considering incorporation has been a catalyst for community definition and voice. In every step over the past seventeen months, a clearer divergence of perspectives has grown and more definition of our roles in government have diversified into many points of view.

Now, we must come together as voters and define our choice for local goverment. As of last night, that definition falls to the voters and must be in place before we cast our ballots. If we cannot define a scope of goverment that serves our diversity, we shall all likely indicate we are not ready for such government with our vote.

Consider carefully,

Just me


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Posted by Karen Sexton
a resident of another community
on Sep 20, 2008 at 8:52 am

Dear Editor,

Iron Horse neighbors within the Diablo Vista region will conduct one of several discussion groups today. Although, all neighborhoods have completed their discussions of incorporation and have defined a government that would warrant our consideration as voters, our remaining discussions will focus on town council candidates capable of establishing a city government in our region.

In previous discussions, neighborhoods' representatives found qualified council candidates among the neighborhoods that refused such candidacy under the current AIM incorporation proposal. A fully undefined government with independent city council that has no obligation to citizen advisory in the formation of the government was considered an impossible task without guidelines. Further, such proposed candidates could not see any level of cooperation from council members elected from the AIM committee based on the past 17 months of autonomous, unilateral actions.

Today, our discussions will conclude qualifications and positions we will expect from candidates that warrant our vote. We recommend that all neighbors consider what qualifications and commitments are expected from council candidates to warrant approval of incorporation.

Please consider,

Karen Sexton
Iron Horse neighbors
Diablo Vista region

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Posted by Jennifer Crest
a resident of another community
on Sep 24, 2008 at 4:25 pm

Dear Editor,

As a result of discussions among neighborhood representatives, and the lack of promised dialogue from the AIM committee, our discussion groups will end our interest in any current consideration of incorporation and move to appropriate regional organization of political and planning activities.

Alamo should be considered undefinable because it is factions and not a community. What is considered Alamo politically is a very small part of a regional community of neighborhoods.

Our liaison will be within our region and all governments and districts that service our needs. We will consider the proposed Town of Alamo more than a missed opportunity and treat it as a lesson learned in what our region must become.

Thank you for this FORUM and the opportunities that would have allowed the definition of a community named Alamo.

Jennifer Crest
North Iron Horse neighborhoods
Diablo Vista region