Town Square

"Free pets with subscription" item had us howling!

Original post made by The collies, Danville, on Apr 1, 2009

... although we think you should know that, contrary to your story line, our Alpha-human often uses your publication as a housetraining aid BEFORE reading it.

Anyway, thanks for the chuckle! Paws up!

*** This reader is referring to the Grab Bag item offered on this morning's Express edition:

Free pets with each subscription - In order to encourage area residents to request delivery of the Danville Weekly, the newspaper is giving each new subscriber a free puppy, with a choice of labradors, beagles and cockapoos. Management is hoping the promotion will engender a feeling of warm affection for the new pets and for the newspaper that provided them. "Also," stated the editor, "when you are through reading your paper every week, you can housetrain your pet on it." Subscribers with allergy issues have the hypo-allergenic pet option of receiving a free hermit crab with its shell painted with the Danville Weekly logo. Happy April 1st!


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