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cool blackberry app

Original post made by bobs big boy statue, Danville, on Apr 15, 2010

all you local folks out there. hows it going? great here. just got a great app for my blackberry. its called bb scanner. you can download it and it allows you to listen in on police scanner activity. they have a feed for contra costa fire and sheriff. this includes danville, san ramon, and alamo. a lot of you wonder what really goes on in our wonderful town. now is your chance to hear local area action as it is breaking. check it out. it will help you become a more aware and involved community member by hearing what danville police why and how danville remains such a safe place to live. here is a link.
Web Link

lets all do our part to help keep our community safe, crime free, and beautiful. remember , danville is one of the nicest places to live in this valley for a reason. help make it stay that way.

have a great weekend.