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An R-7A mandate in Alamo?

Original post made by [removed], Alamo, on Jun 16, 2011

Dear Editor,

Polling of Alamo neighborhoods by news service researchers indicated 67% of eligible voters submitted Measure F ballots, mostly mail-in, with >3200 reporting a NO vote, <3900 reporting a YES vote, and >3400 not voting due to no interest in parks and programs. Actual results posted on cocovote shows a total <2600 voters with >2100 YES votes as the final count.

There are two questions created by these results. Has cocovote provided the full result of voting for Measure F? Does polling provide a better picture of the majority of voters concerns for county uses of R-7A appropriations?

If only a minority of voters, as 20% of eligible voters, voted YES as is reported by cocovote, then R-7A planning has no mandate for continuing the current plans and programs. If polling indicates that >3200 intended to vote NO and >3400 had no interest in R-7A’s current parks and programs, then there is a mandate for review of parks and programs planning subject to R-7A appropriations.

Mary Piepho, her staff and volunteers (CCC-MAC Alamo) have not addressed CC LAFCO’s validation that <7% of Alamo residents use current parks and programs. The R-7A survey provided 565 residents’ opinions out of >13,000 residents addressed in <5000 Alamo residences.

Is cocovote confirming that less than 20% of eligible Alamo voters wished to support appropriations for Alamo parks and programs?


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