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Unmasking Contra Costa aggregated politics

Original post made by [removed], Alamo, on Jul 2, 2011

Dear Editor,

News media has changed in Contra Costa County and CCC-BOS, 19 city councils, and various district boards now know they have lost political control of news in our county. In less than 20 years, news reporting has gone from masking aggregated politics in its disservice to Contra Costans to fully reporting such actions, often criminal, to their subscribers. Such a change has come from news services that are not limited to county operations and have global, national, state and local research to provide immediate presentation.

An excellent example is BANG’s management of all research and news from central bay area operations and employing researchers, analysts, reporters and editors in presenting the charade that is county redistricting in Contra Costa County. No matter how supervisors and their political supporters and campaigns try to cheapen the research, analysis and editorial efforts of BANG to fully clarify the criminal closed-door redistricting decisions made before the first workshop, the reality has proven to Contra Costans that they truly have an independent media source that provides accurate portrayal of the selfishness of aggregated “Costly Contra” politics.

EMCEB and Patch publications also fulfilled their news responsibilities by defining CCC-BOS’ actions during the redistricting process, again, as a charade leading to self-serving decisions. Again supervisors feel they can ignore such reporting because they are not seeing the mass of Contra Costans step forward and object to their criminal process. All they see is local reporting and a few teams of people monitoring their actions in workshops and hearings.

Media’s reward will come when the work of audit teams, counsels and analysts from neighborhood forums throughout the county present documentation of the closed-door decisions as evidence against CCC-BOS redistricting ordinance in regulatory, legislative, civil and criminal actions. The result will warrant a CCC Civil Grand Jury investigation, or more likely a CCC DA investigation, as a local result. It will further warrant a State investigation for the role of our state elected officials in the self-serving, closed-door process. More, the volume of documentation available for e-viral distribution to Contra Costans participating in neighborhoods forums will spread among a majority of voters during the re-election campaigns of three incumbent supervisors and possibly onward to recall efforts for the remainder.

The time has come for Contra Costans to unmask aggregated politics.


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Posted by [removed]
a resident of Alamo
on Jul 3, 2011 at 10:02 am

Dear Editor,


In an article this morning in the Sunday Times, Ms. Lisa Vorderbrueggen attempts what many feel is an oxymoron. Her journalism points to current redistricting by supervisors as an exercise in democracy while pointing to the self-serving proposal #9 as being decided to serve supervisors' self-interests in future re-elections. Democracy does not exist when supervisors fail to serve the will and interests of Contra Costans.

The article is thorough but leaves much to be reported by the Express as such self-serving redistricting impacts 680 south communities. What is claimed to be democracy is an oxymoron for what many consider corruption. Your local viewpoint in our region could define such thinking as it applies to your Alamo, Diablo, Blackhawk and Danville readers.