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Redistricting's impact on the Urban Limit Line

Original post made by [removed], Alamo, on Jul 9, 2011

Dear Editor,

As BANG continues to provide excellent perspective on the impact of redistricting, Ron Brown of Save Mt. Diablo presents redistricting as very important close to home, Web Link. By leaving Mary Piepho in control of the 680 south corridor as is proposed in the supervisors preferred Proposal 9, she can continue her direct support of developers. The result would be an assault of the Urban Limit Line and the build-out of Tassajara Valley by contributors to her office holder account.

In recent review of office holder accounts by new service researchers, it has been discovered that at least three supervisors are directly linked to their approvals of development by contributions by individuals leading such development. Information that will be part of features on incumbent supervisor this fall will illustrate such linkage as they ramp their re-election campaigns. In the case of Mary Piepho, the reality is made more obvious by her selection of a Chief of Staff who is a land and property developer with linkage to developers throughout the East Bay.

In service to your readers, shouldn’t you be their source of details about the relationships between their supervisor and developers?


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Posted by [removed]
a resident of Alamo
on Jul 10, 2011 at 8:50 am

Dear Editor,

This morning, Lisa Vorderbrueggen, BANG, provided a claim that supervisors are at-odds in defining boundaries for CCC districts, Web Link. Hard evidence, as documentation from March/April and off-the-record interviews with staff, challenges such public contest and simply brands it as part of the charade to sell the March/April agreement among supervisors contained in the final version of Proposal 9. As supporters wink at the goings-on, it becomes more and more apparent that supervisors are conducting their political campaigns now and selling the final district boundaries as simply part of their campaigns.

“We are being sold a magic potion as part of the supervisor’s dog and pony show,” noted Keith, a governments audit team member for Alamo region neighborhoods, “in the end, county supervisors will use the charade in their own selfish interests.” It seems neighbors throughout the 24/680 south corridor are wondering if Ms. Vorderbrueggen is simply part of the charade and the “pitchman” for the magic potion that is proposal 9. On Tuesday, one might expect a barker outside the CCC-BOS public hearing shouting out, “Step right up folks and step inside for the greatest show on earth” or at least in Martinez.

There is a greater reason for your readers to attend July 12th CCC-BOS public hearing, “It’s Showtime” and it will likely be very entertaining.

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Posted by [removed]
a resident of Walnut Creek
on Jul 10, 2011 at 10:29 am

Dear Editor,


As a result of communities gathering Saturday, July 9, in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa communities and neighborhoods are creating competitive campaigns against incumbent supervisors including plans for recall of those supervisors not running in 2012. “District Six” committee has been formed to gather neighborhoods throughout Contra Costa County to become a majority of voters in all county elections in 2012. An audit team of committee members will be at the July 12 CCC-BOS public hearing on redistricting to evaluate each supervisor for their service to Contra Costans’ will and interests.

Only two teams will be at that meeting representing a majority of Contra Costans, 1) a legal team to establish basis for challenge of the resulting ordinance, and 2) campaign team that will target incumbents in 2012 elections based on their actions in redistricting. It is expected that nothing will distract the supervisors from serving their own interests and public commentary will be ignored in the final ordinance. Thus, Contra Costans are focused on legal challenge to redistricting results and competitive campaigns to remove incumbents.

New services’ on-line distribution has been made available to build broad contact in Contra Costa neighborhoods and social media promotion experts among neighborhood residents are creating voter participation. The next year promises to be very newsworthy.

This should make Tuesday CCC-BOS public hearing even more entertaining for your readers attending the event.