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Tomi van de Brooke, why aren't we laughing?

Original post made by Ralph N. Shirlet, another community, on Aug 28, 2011

Dear Editor,

Tomi van de Brooke wants to be the next District 2 supervisor. Why are we not simply laughing?

Tomi was considered by neighborhoods and communities little more than Mary Piepho’s junk yard dog in her time as district 3 chief of staff and was a significant part of bringing a meaningless MAC that was not requested and certainly is unwelcome in Alamo. Mary’s antagonistic, seedy politics was voiced by Tomi in response to the many that opposed arbitrary actions in disservice to communities and neighborhoods. Tomi’s specific arrogance in her disservice simply projected her right to override the will and interests of neighborhoods, communities and groups throughout the former district three. Her record as District 3 Chief of Staff should immediately and forever disqualify her from repeating such abuse as our next supervisor in District 2.

When she left neighborhood forums’ general response was goodbye and good riddance. Soon neighborhoods will be free from all that has been the abusive nature of District 3 supervisor’s operations in our 680 south corridor and Tomi only represents bringing that abusive seedy politics back to our region.

With Tomi as supervisor, District 2 and 3 would be one super district serving development and abusive to our communities, neighborhoods and residents.

Of Ralph with a knowing smile


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Posted by Ralph N. Shirlet
a resident of another community
on Aug 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm

Dear Editor,

It gets better!

Look at and see that six of the seven CCC-MAC members are using their MAC identity in violation of CCC-MAC policy to endorse Tomi and her seedy politics for district 2 supervisor. CCC-BOS and County Counsel has been informed of the violation by regional counsel. It hardly matters, in humor, because Tomi and the MAC she created have no relationship with Alamo or our region.

Just how important is the endorsement of six strangers in the Alamo community? Humorous?

Ralph acknowledging strangers in Alamo