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32 I-Pads Stolen from Baldwin Elementary

Original post made by Derek, Danville, on Jan 15, 2014

Just had a conversation with my neighbor lady, and apparently thirty-some I-pads were stolen last night (Tuesday the 14th) from John Baldwin Elementary school. From my understanding these units were embossed or silk-screened or somehow labeled on the back as belonging to Baldwin.
Should anyone notice multiple I-Pads for sale on craigslist or any other venue, please notify the Danville police. It sounds like if someone tries to remove the Baldwin name off the backs, they will have to either cover it up or perhaps attempt to scratch if off, so be on the lookout for anything like this.
The break-in occurred around 10:30 if my neighbor had her details correct.

Oh, and a note to DPD: if you managed to get fingerprints, please, please check them against a certain pair of reprobate brothers on Paraiso. I know it's always fun to speculate that bad people from less prestigious parts of the bay area are invading our little town, but there is a very good chance this is something local. Consider that the perps had to have knowledge that Baldwin had these, and what rooms they were in. Someone from the "bad cities" would not know these details.