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Garbage Contract/Nejedly Meddling

Original post made by JRM, Vista Grande Elementary School, on Feb 4, 2014

Here we go again folks...James Nejedly, fresh from being "surprised" last year when he learned his health insurance policy was costing us $36,000 per year is now supporting the Teamsters effort to usurp Republic as our gargage carrier here in Danville. are a parasite on the community and we will make sure you stop getting elected to little known county boards to further you own agenda. If you are unaware how much your rich perks are costing us why should we trust your bogus endorsement of the Teamsters to take over our garbage? You said you would "look into" the obvious health insurance abuse. Of course nothing happened...the Nejedlys continue to supp at the the taxpayers expense because they cannot get a real job without their late father's patronage. Vote them out !!


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