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A unique reason to celebrate

Original post made by Jessica, another community, on Nov 1, 2007

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With AIM's success in gaining more than 2600 petition signatures, with over half from neighborhood groups, Alamo has a unique opportunity to celebrate. Application to Contra Costa County LAFCo will start an opportunity to fine-tune the structure and operations of our proposed city government in a detailed application and then fully inform all residents in the public meetings that will occur during the incorporation proposal review and approval.

We are a diverse community of many plans for our land use, infrastructure and services, with many new services and infrastructure concepts to be put in place. As we progress to a luxury, urban community, our ever-renewing majority will be working with county planning to get much that is new in-place in Alamo.

It is now our incorporation effort to define and decide. That is to be celebrated.

Tice Valley


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Posted by Lauren Moore
a resident of another community
on Nov 5, 2007 at 8:16 am

Dear Jessie,

I would think that your message of incorporation success did not gain comment because Alamo Region neighborhoods understood your comments and AIM assumed that you support their incorporation proposal. To clarify, the Alamo Region neighborhoods, as the majority in Alamo, have directed counsel to work directly with the County, CCC LAFCo and the State, to modify the AIM incorporation proposal. The modifications are to include obligations by the City Council to establish citizen-led planning commissions and committees for land use, infrastruture and services as part of a specified proposal for government structure and operations.

According to State sources, AIM will submit their petitions and application this week and neighborhoods' counsel will respond with directed modification to CCC LAFCo. In addition, counsel will start the process of consolidating county agencies in Alamo including AIA planning as the preparation step for such citizen-led planning commissions and committees.

Residents may contact their neighborhood representatives for more information.


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Posted by Jane Taylor
a resident of another community
on Nov 6, 2007 at 12:16 pm

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Let's congratulate the Alamo Incorporation Movement (AIM) and the Alamo neighborhoods forum for bringing the required signatures to the incorporation petition. What should be clearly understood is the petition's incorporation proposal is a summary that can be modified and detailed in application to CCC LAFCo. In review of all commentary by AIM, there is obvious agreement that citizen-led commissions and committees should be part of the detailed incorporation proposal within the application to CCC LAFCo.

Without such detailed structural and operational planning, Alamo's majority would have nothing to support an affirmative vote for incorporation and incorporation opposition would have a clear opportunity to justify majority opposition.

Let's expect a plan that will bring our future together for all residents,


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