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Alamo MAC to look at parks budget

Original post made on Mar 16, 2010

Parks and recreation will be the subject tonight at the Alamo MAC meeting. A representative from Public Works will make a presentation about how county service district R7A, Parks and Recreation, works in Alamo.

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Posted by F. Olivas
a resident of Alamo
on Mar 16, 2010 at 7:00 am

Unable to communicate this concern any other way and not addressing the MAC issue per se, the following is enclosed for MAC benefit and those who see the issue.

The mammoth traffic snarl at Hemme Ave and Danville Blvd. which is and will be generated has not been addressed unless in private somewhere.

If the new YMCA facility opens, there will be traffic from the narrow two lane Danville Blvd. which will be fed by Hemme Ave where there is a projected new fire house at the corner a few feet from Love Ln., with a learning center right across the street, then a child care center a few feet up Hemme, then Rancho Romero grammar school and its mammoth traffic.

All along the way, each site has declared (illegally on a public street?)) none blockage of its drive way to traffic, further causing longer and longer traffic lines backed up and around onto Danville Blvd sometimes for a quarter of a mile north on Danville Bld.and in the bike lane to make the right turn onto Hemme.

All of these contribute to giant traffic issues currently, with CHP finally entering the picture telling all parents not to form a "third" lane to navigate the very narrow Hemme Ave. which only serves to push back the line-up even further north on Danville Blvd.

CHP'S recent declaration further ignores the left turn from Danville onto Hemme which further serves to block, delay, jam the intersection because CHP has declared that NO THIRD LANE can be created.

Clearly not enough careful scrutiny has been done to help this traffic snafu!

Certainly by now "someone from the officialo world" has seen and reported on this mammoth traffic snarl each and every day, sometimes weekends with sports fields being put to use. I have sent messages to the supervisor, newspaper, police, but to no avail except to have CHP declare a no third lane with a visit to Rancho Romero.

Surely someone has addressed this somewhere! 
What did they conclude or will this be announced after the fact?

Little has been done to provide safety to all on this section of Hemme during the AM and PM school traffic patterns.   There are many ways(I submitted several long ago) to provide this safety but no definite plan has emerged from the powers that be.  Might this be addressed after the fact again?

If you have problems on this part of Hemme and/or see the issue getting bigger with YMCA coming to town, please comment and help save the day before its too late. Other then hand out CHP citations furthering the snafu each AM and PM of each school day, who will actually research this to resolve truly.