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The backlash against Netflix as an invitation

Original post made by [removed], Alamo, on Jul 13, 2011

Dear Editor,

As we read AP, Web Link, we can see the invitation to Apple and other majors to finally tear down the presence of Netflix in the market. Today, technology investors and companies were excited about the doors opened to bring new technologies to integrate in new TVs, computers and tablets to enhance new product sales. Netflix is now admitting they are on the same course as Blockbuster and must reinvent themselves before tablets and their aps simply eliminate their market presence.

What is reality is DVD rental is on its way out and Netflix users polled see this as a time to reduce their relationship with Netflix and seek new technologies absent of dependence on Netflix. The net result of Netflix's actions will be reduced participation and income. The long-term impact will be a competitive new market that isolates Netflix's offerings.

Sole source has never succeeded in any technology market. That is complicated at a time when movies worth 90 minutes of viewers' time are few.

Say goodnight, Netflix, the party's over.