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"Dear Editor" answered

Original post made by [removed], another community, on Mar 31, 2012

Dear Jessica,

REF: Posted by Say what?, a resident of another community,

…”why do you keep addressing with "Dear Editor"? After this long you still don't understand how forums work?”

ANSWER: There is no understanding how the town square forum works and it is only understandable why it doesn’t work.

It is quite clear the town square forum does not work for many reasons and continues to be home to attack brutality and failure to provide “a thoughtful gathering place for sharing community information and opinion.” Without editor’s review and control, brutal content is posted to the town square forum for the sole purpose to defame and bully other commentators while hiding behind pseudonyms and the lack of a registration requirement. My only purpose is to address you with hope that you will use your journalism to monitor and control such abuse and direct each exchange to contributions to the news process.

One single goal continues with “Dear Editor” and it is the hope that the quality of communication started by Dolores Fox Ciardelli in provision of fair and balanced news coverage can be regained. With each month since 2007 and for the months since your arrival, town square forum has only increased in its brutality and conflict.

Your readers get what is provided in your absence,

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