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Why Give Away tons of Money to whomever?

Original post made by frankly, San Ramon, on Aug 9, 2012

And all the time people complain as to how poorly money is management at government levels.

Those who solicit money from the providing/always giving public just do. WHY?

Feel better! Feel good! The same people who cant say no.

Those soliciting cash also find good public agencies to solicit further assistance of whatever sort; they can be given further governmental assistance by showing up and pleading their case.

Who provides the money to all these agencies?

The VERY same people who continue the soliciting habit and donate freely to those who "work" the system from all angles.

Those soliciting can also go to many church organizations for added assistance.

Can you do that? Put up a stand and stick you paw out for cash? and go to other agencies for further assistance.

This is very hard work, patience, sacrifice to sit out there collecting your money.

Who donates?

Heck if I know, but if they always cash in on donors they will always have THEIR HAND IN YOUR POCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give to local programs, churches, school music/drama programs, even the local Thrift Station could use assistance since THEY DO HELP many families in this valley ALWAYS.

Walk right by; save your money for really local worthy programs and not some highly suspect solicitors.

Ciao and save your money for genuinely deserving programs locally.