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This week's police log

Original post made on Aug 15, 2012

The Danville Police Department provides Danville Express with a record of its calls each week. This is a sampling, omitting the more mundane, such as routine traffic stops, service requests, noise complaints and domestic disturbances.

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Posted by Treetopper
a resident of Danville
on Aug 15, 2012 at 1:33 pm

I'm going to bring this up, each and every week. "This is a sampling, omitting the more mundane, such as routine traffic stops, service requests, noise complaints and domestic disturbances" is a great dis-service to the Danville PD as well as the residents of Danville. Firstly, as a sampling of the blotter, the sampling does not porvide a clue as to what the PD has to contend with on a daily basis. All those mundane things can take up alot of time. Secondly, without the full blotter being published, residents have the opportunity to keep their heads in the sand and go merrily about their business. Residents need to be made aware as to the extent of crime in our Town and the amount of time expended by our PD

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Posted by Jessica Lipsky
a resident of Danville
on Aug 15, 2012 at 4:27 pm


While I understand your points, publishing the police log in its entirety (usually 20 pages) is a tedious and unnecessary task. Much of the log consists of traffic stops (which we report on if they result in an arrest), security checks and auto burglaries (which we also report). Whatever pertinent incidents are presented on the log are the ones that we publish -- some police logs may seem "more sampled" than others because there wasn't much newsworthy crime.

Our policy is to report on the following:
Auto burglaries
Commercial burglaries
Suspicious vehicle/subject stops when an arrest is made
Traffic stops when an arrest is made
Assault with a deadly weapon, etc

Express staff has made an editorial decision to forgo reporting on every single item so that we may focus on more newsworthy stories.

You are welcome to call the Danville Police Department at 314.3700 and request a copy of the police log. I kindly request that you refrain from repeating the above post "each and every week" as our policy will not change.

Jessica Lipsky

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Posted by frankly
a resident of San Ramon
on Sep 11, 2012 at 12:12 pm

Mrs. Jessica Lipsky,

As editor, here is what many have comment on and I have pointed out and you as Editor for the Danville area community should seriously consider.

There has been a group which shows up at several store fronts seeking donation.

They call themselves, Crossroads Christian Church, or Crossroads Chrisitan School.

Over time, I have been told that they are but one or two places. I have been told that they are in Vallejo, Antioch, Pittsburg, and today, Sept 11, 2012, I was told that they are in Livermore.

They cant be found in a google search.

I have spoken with roughly 4 or 5 of them and they all provide conflicting information.

I suspect that they are not really genuine in anything but to reach into the kind public's heart and take their money.

As Editor, can you not attempt to search them out to determine how "real" they are?

I highly suspect that there is some kind of fraud going on to pry on the kind hearts of people about.

Perhaps you can put this thought to rest and tell the public that they are genuine.

On Sept. 11, 2012, while at TJ's, Danville, I was told by a cashier that a person had been into the store to speak with the manager informing the manager that they are the Crossroads Church and have nothing to do with that group outside and the police should be called in to investigate the legitimacy of that soliciting group.

Perhaps, as editor you can exercise your journalistic prowess to make some determinations on this group which collects at many TJ's. and Whole Foods, San Ramon.

Thank you for your attention

Posted by Name hidden
a resident of another community

on Jun 6, 2017 at 12:25 am

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