Town Square

Music in Iron Horse Plaza

Original post made by John Barry, Danville, on Feb 6, 2013

In the last "Art Space" column, Bill Carmel and I wrote about the Tate Gallery, a new arts venue in Danville. Among other endeavors, Michael Tate plans to host musical performances in the gallery or outside in the courtyard. For two weekends running music has been echoing through the Plaza.

February 2 featured the Tetons and Cedric Adajar. Tetons, says Tim Kelso (guitar and banjo) is a "makeshift" name for a group comprising him and Reese Gelston on percussion (seen in the accompanying photo). Adajar played solo guitar and was accompanied on percussion by Gelston. Adajar and Kelso are two members of the band Fostoria, which also includes Brian Lindersmith on keyboards.

Gelston and Kelso have been friends for six years. Kelso says that the two played together for a time, went their separate musical ways for a while, but have started playing together again.

Adajar characterizes Fostoria's sound as "indie rock." They play covers as well as their own music and are currently working on an EP. (A demo of the group's work can be heard at Web Link.)

Varying numbers of people congregated in the courtyard between the gallery and Peet's to listen to these young local musicians, all of whom went either to San Ramon Valley High or Monte Vista.

Tate has plans for other musical offerings in the future.

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