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Con Fire District Going Bankrupt

Original post made by Easy Street Union, Danville, on Aug 26, 2013

Here it comes again people. Dah, we spent more than we took in. Dah, we mortgaged the future benefits. Dah, we paid another consultant to tell us we are going broke. Let's get this straight. The county board of supervisors at the whim of the unions over generously gave too much to the salaries and benefits of the entire fire personnel for too long. Spending another few hundred grand on another study is dumb. The same results will again come to light. What do you call people who do the same thing over and over with the same result but expecting a different result? Contra Costa County Supervisors is the answer. The unions have cruised with the high life for many years. Ask them to bail us out or lets go bankrupt. This tune is getting real old. Using demands, scare tactics, and threats makes me sick. Do what needs to be done and stop using our dollars wastefully to hire consultants and continue to ask for more taxes. It's getting old.