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Analysis confirms that Alamo Incorporation is fiscally sound

Original post made by Steve Mick, Alamo, on Jul 24, 2008

The Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA) has been released and is
available as a pdf file on our website.

As expected, the CFA conducted for LAFCO by Winzler & Kelly
conclusively supports the financial practicality of Alamo
incorporation. The CFA confirms that Alamo incorporation is fiscally
sound and substantially exceeds legally required minimums.

For up to date information on the Alamo
Incorporation effort, please visit our website:

Web Link


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Posted by Keith Lewis
a resident of another community
on Jul 25, 2008 at 4:35 pm

On August 7, 2008, Contra Costa Local Agency Formation Commission
(LAFCO), will present incorporation study results in a community meeting held at the Creekside Church, 7PM to 9PM, Danville Blvd at La Serena in Alamo.

Incorporation opposition, supporters and those that differ with current AIM incorporation proposal should attend this meeting and determine if fiscal potential can somehow be defined in a city government that can be supported by a majority in an incorporation election. We encourage regional neighbors to attend this meeting to better understand the financial feasibility and form of government being offered.

Please study, State of California, “A Guide to the LAFCO Process for
Incorporation” -, click on "resources" for further

And remember, County and county-related meetings use the term
“testimony” to describe commentary, opinion, concern and complaint
voiced by individual residents at their public meetings. Please do not be intimidated by the term ‘testimony” and understand that the word is being misused due to its definition, “Evidence given under oath by a competent witness.” At no time does your right of commentary, opinion, concern and complaint qualify as “testimony” or are you responsible for any commentary under the rules of law governing “testimony.”

Keith Lewis, ad hoc community committee, Diablo Vista region

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Posted by Melanie Metcalf
a resident of another community
on Jul 29, 2008 at 7:07 am

For those attempting get more information concerning the LAFCO Study results and discussion of further definition of a town government suitable to a majority of voters, please realize that Alamo Community Foundation has blocked e-mail submission except for those individuals approved for submission via their mailbox table (approved list of recipients).


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(reason: 550 (sanitized)>: Recipient address
rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table)

Melanie Metcalf
Iron Horse neighbors
Diablo Vista region

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Posted by Lisa Wright
a resident of Alamo
on Jul 29, 2008 at 11:46 am

Alamo Community Foundation (ACF) may be contacted by e-mail at Alamo Community Foundation,

We recommend e-commentary to ACF prior to the August 7, 2008 meeting so ACF committee and LAFCO can prepare formal response. We again recommend attendance at the August 7, 2008 LAFCO study review meeting, Creekside Church, Danville Blvd at La Serena, Alamo CA.

By using e-mail submission of your commentary and questions, LAFCO and ACF will be better prepared to define study results and the nature of the town government proposed. In attending, neighbors will hear the first-hand responses to neighborhoods' questions and concerns.

Mark you calendar!

Lisa Wright
Diablo Vista region neighborhoods

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Posted by Rachel Wells
a resident of another community
on Aug 7, 2008 at 9:05 am

For all Diablo Vista (Alamo) region neighbors and their governments:

At tonight’s LAFCO meeting, Diablo Vista region neighbors only want to know the definition of the government we can now afford and how that government is the basis of the LAFCO study results.

After neighbors’ detailed review of the LAFCO “financials” such definitions are not included and much is based on assumptions of a status quo that will not exist in a new government or will the assumptions of surpluses be valid in separate contract services provided by the county, neighboring cities, and corporations. Every line item requires a detailed definition in a plan narrative so the reality in feasibility studies offered by LAFCO have documented basis in local government structure, operations, staffing, services, commissions, committees, and taskforce (creation).

The upside down nature of municipal governments in the county and neighboring cities is not acceptable to the exceptionally bright, experienced and professionally savvy majority of our region’s residents. Their acceptable contract municipality would be led by citizens’ commissions, committees and taskforces with the city council acting much like a Board of Directors and the government departments responsible to commissions and committees.

So tonight, as we all celebrate the work of AIM, ACF, LAFCO, neighborhood groups, and community groups in the +four years of incorporation development, we need to seek “community” among all residents through definition of a government for consideration as basis of feasibility of incorporation and support in an incorporation election.

Rachel Wells
Diablo Vista neighborhoods

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Posted by Spike Marvel
a resident of another community
on Aug 9, 2008 at 8:56 am

A message to Ms. Jeanine Benca, Contra Costa Times

Dear Jeanine,

Your article fairly presented the questions expressed in the LAFCO/ACF meeting, August 7, 2008, but it implied that the audience had a large population of opposition to incorporation:

1. Less that 10 opponents to incorporation were in the audience and were the authors of the questions challenging the study results. Those opponents come from the Alamo old-timers related to the Alamo Womens’ Club and various HOAs within the AIM Boundaries. They represent <200 active opponents to incorporation among HOA and old-timer populations of >2300.
2. Only one member of Diablo Vista region neighborhoods, a resident attorney, was in the audience and he asked no questions and made no comments to anyone. The Diablo Vista region neighborhoods have 5400 voters within the newly restricted AIM boundaries and support a defined incorporation of a CITY of Diablo Vista for their region from Saranap/Rudgear to Diablo Road with active annexation of Walnut Creek and Danville neighborhoods.
3. The remainder of the audience was from <1300 AIM/ACF participants and supporters and fully supported the results of the LAFCO Studies. Typically, 200-300 such participants and supporters attend public events.

We invite your readers to contact Steve Block, Community Relations for Alamo Community Foundation, for further definition of attendance.

Your article reference for community review:

Web Link

Spike Marvel