Town Square


Original post made by B. Lynn Goodwin, Danville, on Aug 2, 2007

Michael Moore, who writes produces and directs documentaries, has created an amazing look at what the United States and other
countries are doing with Universal Health Coverage in Sicko. We pay outrageous medical and pharmaceutical bills in this country and according to Moore, we do it for political reasons. He shows happy reports from Canada, France, Great Britain and Cuba, where the government subsidizes health care.

Moore does not compare tax rates or how tax money is appropriated. Instead, he focuses on the human interest generated by those losing homes or fighting lung disease caused by 9-11.

He knows how to make his case with carefully-reasoned storytelling and plaintive questions. He is wonderfully entertaining on the trip to Guantanamo Bay and in the movie’s final shot with the Capitol in the background.

Whether you love or hate this film-maker, he raises some concerns about health care that Americans will be forced to address as the baby boomers age. Thanks for reopening the health care discussion, Michael Moore.