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Original post made by Alamo Ron, Alamo, on Mar 5, 2009

Oh, by the way, I forgot one item that you voted FOR when you voted NO.

You voted FOR a dramatic increase in government bureaucracy in Alamo. You ask, "How can this be?" Well, it can be because there is now a vacuum in Alamo and the only thing that abhors a vacuum more than nature are money-hungry bureaucrats.

You think you saved Alamo? You lost it by voting no. Wait and see.


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Posted by Halamo
a resident of another community
on Mar 5, 2009 at 5:52 pm

Welcome back, Ron,

Let's see..

We shall wait and see if various options occur other than incorporation in our region?

Certainly, as expected, a movement to file a conflicting incorporation proposal with complaint the incorporation proposal voted March 3 was not authored, reviewed and approved by a majority in the Alamo region, it was exclusionary to various neighborhoods in our region, and it did not contain any reasonable and customary plan for a new corporation.

Certainly we can expect a minority of voters, likely less than 500, to pursue a MAC and a Special District in duplication of Discovery Bay, Diablo, etc.

Certainly we do expect a majority of voters to pursue an Alamo Region Planning Commission with functional committees. And most certainly such a SuperMAC would consolidate all parcel tax committees in one commission/committee structure.

Most certainly we should expect a community effort in any government operations in our Alamo region simply because wealth and counsel provided by neighborhoods can demand such compliance with our COMMUNITY.

Is that, Ron, what you were imagining as more government presence in our Alamo region?

Your fellow fictitious pal,