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680/Sycamore Freeway Merging Manners

Original post made by 680 Commuter, Danville, on Mar 11, 2010

It used to be that morning commute traffic, merging onto 680N at Sycamore, would get over at the first opportunity, (when the solid line changes to broken), via the one-for-them and one-for-us method.

Once in a while you used to get an impatient someone crossing the solid line to cut in early but most people minded their manners and things went pretty smoothly.

But recently I have noticed people continuing down the merge lane, as if they were going to get off at Diablo Road, passing the early mergers and getting over at the last moment. This gets them half a dozen cars ahead but pushed those half dozen cars back.

This may be legal but, if nothing else, it seems like bad manners.

Taken to its obvious conclusion this would have everyone leaving merging to the last moment and probably getting in the way of traffic trying to get off the freeway. I could do that but I'm reluctant. How about you?