Town Square

Alamo Brawl

Original post made by John Tanner, Danville, on Aug 9, 2012

The twitter and gossip battle lines are in full frenzy regarding the brawl (punches thrown, alleged blunt force instrument used, hospital visits) among this years graduates of Monte Vista and De La Salle high schools, reported in the SRV Times as having occured in the late afternoon at an Alamo house. Police were dispatched, and investigations are looking closely at pre and post fight Twitter blasts. And the fallout is raging on in the gossip world with both sides to lay blame on the "other" school. It was an "A" list party no doubt! It will be interesting to see if this highly insular, party rowdy world of high schoolers will have the full force of the law smack them in the face. Their addictive use of twitter will now come back to bite them!