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Possible Fraud?????

Original post made by frankly, San Ramon, on Aug 29, 2012

How many times have you seen that group which sits outside TJs(Danville or Concord), Whole Foods, soliciting your donations?

The "Crossroads Christian Church" for a long time AND NOW the "Crossroads Christian Home".

When asked they really dont seem to know much about the organization except to plead for your money and your mercy for homeless kids.

They are not registered anywhere as a "real" organization.

Do they really have a license or Tax ID number??????

Even if they do, do they really put forth the truth about themselves?

Why do some people seek to donate to that which they know nothing about????

P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute!!" Are they just here donating to unknowns with a smile feeling good that they donated to who knows what????

This group just seems to be on a cycle to find the best suckers for donations.

Hope you have better and real organization locally, since the solicitors have claimed that they are from Vacaville, Pittsburg, and Antioch not really sure depending on which one you speak with.

Good Luck on local donations to a local school program, community center, Veterans programs, a real local church group. There are many right here in our immediate area with are real, operate here, and have a real physical presence here.


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