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Understaning your contributions to LAFCo Incorporation Studies

Original post made by Kathy Bell, another community, on May 22, 2008

Dear Diablo Vista region neighbors,

The Iron Horse neighbors are asking neighbors throughout our region to donate before August 1st so sufficient funding to support Alamo Community Foundation is available to pay all LAFCo study costs. Opposition to incorporation and supporters of a defined incorporation should want the studies as reference to costs of being a city versus remaining a county unincorporated area. Such studies provide basis for all options proposed for local political and planning voice by our region's neighbors and not just AIM's incorporation proposal.

When 2,197 neighbors signed the AIM petition, we committed to petitioning feasibility studies to determine IF our region should become a city. With that petition for feasibility studies came the costs of consulting firms to conduct the studies. You are being asked to donate ONLY to the costs of studies and not to any effort to incorporate a town of Alamo as described in the AIM incorporation application submitted to Contra Costa LAFCo.

Alamo Community Foundation operates separately from AIM and is only a fund raising effort for payment of the studies. There is no risk to your privacy and you may donate anonymously according to Ms. Lou Ann Texeira, Contra Costa LAFCo Executive Officer, "Just for clarification, donations to fund the fiscal analysis (CFA) and environmental review (CEQA) are exempt from the disclosure requirements. Hope this is useful."

REFER to for further information and donation methods.

Please consider,

Kathy Bell
Iron Horse neighbors
Diablo Vista region

Posted by request from the Iron Horse neighbors