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Hero Pilot - Inauguration - these are exciting times!

Original post made by Dolores Ciardelli, editor of Danville Express, on Jan 17, 2009

It's a sunny if freezing Saturday morning but my adrenaline is still pumping from the work we did to cover the "Danville hero pilot" on Thursday night. I was talking to our ad rep Barbara yesterday and she told me about her days as a flight attendant on TWA. They trained for emergency water landings at a huge pool at their training facility and had to learn to exit the plane, inflate the rubber craft and then climb aboard. It was so difficult! she said. Then the instructor turned on the turbulence in the water and they had to accomplish the same thing in three-foot waves. Wow. It's good to know flight attendants are so well trained. Could there be any scarier words in the English language than: "Prepare for impact"?